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Tonights the night! The Cat finds a new home….


Finally… the Tiger Tabby is on the LOOSE at the Humane Society Benefit Auction and tonight at the American Royal Hale Arena, this kitty gets a new home! I’ll be attending as a guest artist to meet-n-greet the bidders so WISH US LUCK!!

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Don’t forget, if you’re local:   ***COME SEE ME EVERY WEEK for Stitch & Wire Work WEDNESDAY 11am-2pm AT THE PARISOLE GALLERY… 1737 OAK, KCMO OPEN STUDIO!!****  Visit Parisole

pssst — we’re ALMOST ready to launch a BIG BIG THING….hint:  START THE COUNTDOWN TO COOL CLASSES!!!!

Also: **See us EVERY Weekend September 1 thru October 14 at Rennaissance Festival in Bonner Springs!!!
**JOIN US First Friday- Sept 7, 6 to 10pm: I’ll be providing Stitch Theater in the front window ft Embroidered Goodies!
**Sept 8: Chalk Walk: I’ll be providing public embroidery amidst the chalk art!

It’s going to be an AWESOME AUTUMN!

Another great day of sharing art love!

imageThere’s just NOTHING better than guiding *NEW* painters through a project! This lil cutie grew a gorgeous red sunflower in under 2 hours…. NOT BAD for a beginner!

For info on how YOU can jump in, visit the Schoolhouse… OR, come on down to the Parisole ARts Foundation where I have Open Studio EVERY WEdnesday, from 11am to 2pm. Visit our Online Home

This cat rocks!A donation to the Humane Society ‘Art Unleashed’ benefit Aug 24, KCMO…. I’m about 25 hrs in with 10 to go….I’ll have him out tomorrow at Briarcliff Village in NKC- come see me!*back to stitching*

image Almost finished…..

Where’s Victoria…. Come out & play!!

Old quote: If you need something done, ask a busy person….  Apparently, I look VERY busy ’cause the “asks” just keeeep rolling in! Which means MORE chances for YOU to come out & play:

Tonight: First Friday, Crossroads District, Kansas City MO I’ll be embroidering in the front window to benefit Synergy services: so check us out (visit Parisole)


Aaaand, what will I be working on? I’ll be creating a *NEW* piece: for Art UNleashed (visit) which will be AVAILABLE at their auction event August 24th so CHECK IT OUT! It will be an orange tabby modeled on Moe the custom kitty I did earlier this year: pictured below-

I’ll be appearing tomorrow 4 August, at the REevent in North Kansas City courtesy of Parisole Arts, where I’ll be working still on the Art UNleashed piece, so if you’re INto REcycling and REusing, come enjoy a beautiful space FULL of great ideas and cool RE-stuff! visit REevent

Sunday 5 Aug afternoon is KIDS CAMP: Intro hand stitching at JoAnn (see workshop info) (& call to register cause times may change)

Wednesday 8 Aug: I’m back at Parisole, 1737Oak, in the Crossroads, KCMO 11am to 2pm for Needlearts and WireWork Wednesdays, so if you HAVE taken a class & need a boost, or if you WANT to workshop COME ON DOWN & I’ll get you going…. If you’d just like to bring WHATEVER you’re working on for a bit of ambient craftyness – the MORE the merrier.

Now… I’m off to start that sassy cat….




Another Art Summer wraps… & we blast toward fall!

It was hard to say g’bye to those AMAZING students as I wrapped the final session of Writing Without a Net at the KC Art Institute, but I am SO excited to be sending such a savvy and driven bunch of artists out into the world.  It fills me with hope for the future — and makes me a little giddy to watch what they do next!!!

As for me, I’m already on to the next and next things: Beginning next Wednesday Aug 1, I’ll be appearing in open studio at Parisole Arts 1737 Oak St, KCMO. From 11a-2pm I’ll be working primarily on the Sinister Stitch exhibit toward it’s opening November 2 (there in the Parisole Gallery).

The most recent development is the Angel’s Trumpet:

I’ve laid in the first stitches and it’s coming along nicely! As I was walking to class one day last week at the Art Institute, I noticed… ANGELS TRUMPET growing right up my building! So I took some reference photos and blasted off! Love it when nature comes through in spite of the 105++degree heat!



Don’t forget: ALL Ages join me:
Jewelry, Intro Embroidery, Intro Painting – visit JoAnn Workshops
For Kids Camp 2012- Visit Kids Workshops

Dont miss out on workshops and fun events:


***COME SEE ME & the Parisole Artists THURSDAYS AT BRIARCLIFF VILLAGE, at Finishings For Her FOR A LIMITED EDITION SPECIAL COLLECTION OF TRINKETS & ACCESSORIES — proceeds benefit Parisole Arts Foundation!!
**JOIN US First Friday- August 3: Synergy Benefit Event 5-10pm at Parisole Arts 1737 Oak KCMO– I’ll be providing Stitch Theater in the front window ft Embroidered Goodies!
**Sept 8: Chalk Walk: I’ll be turning an embroidery into chalk art!
**Sinister Circus opening ‘Sinister Stitch’ First Friday November 2 to benefit Cancer Action KC & MoFiberArtists!!!
<a href=”http://www.parisolearts.org/home.aspx”>Visit ParisoleArts!</a>


Parisole Partnership Beats the Heat!

And… there we were! A sassy bunch of Gents and Dames looking for a little relief from the city heat…

Luckily, the Oak Street Speakeasy provided JUST the refreshing respite we were looking for!

Of course, I couldn’t resist pulling out the old feathered headpiece from days gone by and fluffing up my feather boa!!

The coolest part was finally being able to wear a vintage embroidered shawl from my grandma who LOVED the 20s — so it was just like taking her with me!

After arriving and frolicking a bit:

AAaaand, after the Bellydancer got the crowd warmed up:

I took my place in the boutique window for a little Stitch Theater, where the partygoers got a look at some work in progress and a little history lesson on how embroidery played a KEY role in fashion during the roaring 20s as the playful atmosphere offered LOTS of opportunity for lavish and lush embellishments including beading, sequins, and detailed stitching. All in all — it was a GREAT night (and THANKS to everyone who came out, we’ll be putting our funds to good use to add the new bathroom facilities!!!) Woo Hoo!!

Visit Parisole Arts to see what else we’re planning in the coming days… Including FREE First Friday events to benefit a local charity EVERY MONTH (!!), a featured appearance at the Sept 8th Chalk Walk, and NEW workshops beginning SOON!

Come SEE us First Friday August 3rd to benefit Synergy Services right here in MY town of Parkville MO, providing resources for all those seeking refuge and freedom from domestic violence…  It’s a family friendly environment full of art, music, and FUN!!

Don’t forget to check out the Schoolhouse to see where YOU can take a workshop–

Meanwhile: I’ll be wrangling students at the Kansas City Art Institute in my original PCAL class Writing Without a Net: Text as Art.

So far, we’ve discussed free writing, generating content for creative work, and even a little Haiku!! I’m lucky to have an AMAZING group this year who are writing their butts off!!!

Take care & thanks for stopping by!!




Kids Camp 2012- new Stitchers are a GO!


Nothing is cooler than bringing a fresh group of students right into the fun of hand embroidery! We cut out thread tangles… Backed out of wonky stitches… And ended up with 5 perfect pillows! It was a GREAT day for embroidery! For more info, visit the Schoolhouse & join me in August!

The MakerFaire Affair… New Liasons… & Meetups to come!!

MANY THANKS to all who came out to Maker Faire to visit me!! I’ve only just managed to get all the supplies & artwork put back into my studio — *whew*  For those who couldnt make it, here’s a quick look at the frivolity:

Before we set out to load everything in, the whole family pitched in to build the Womandrake a custom frame!! It turned out great and gave our big botanical beauty a safe place to sit for the Faire.

I still can’t believe how many people came out to visit the event — last count said we had over 200booths of every kind of Maker you can imagine from robots to gardens, from embroidery to guns, and MORE!!!  I think Kansas City was definitely inspired by all the projects and displays.

I gave out over 500 cards & brochures and talked myself completely voiceless on Saturday (!!)  but it was totally worth it — everyone  who visited me asked questions about all aspects of what I do, which was really cool. I loved explaining the details of my passion and watching people get drawn in to look closer at the pieces and hear their stories. Embroidery is such solitary work that it’s really nice to have as open studio situation where people can watch, or inquire, or just mill about as many did.

One of the grooviest things was that I ended up right next to the Embroiderers Guild!! That was great serendipity and we took full advantage of picking eachother’s brains — and even set about getting me booked for teaching some workshops!!  I’ll post on my Schoolhouse page when things get rolling…

As if that weren’t enough, I made GREAT headway in moving the opening exhibit of Sinister Stitch forward!! *drumroll…*

The SINISTER CIRCUS will OFFICIALLY open November 2 in the Crossroads District at the Parasole Arts Foundation and Gallery!!! 

Together with Exec Direc and rock star-tist Rae Weidner, I’ll be producing a HUGE event with everything from fire arts to kids crafts all to benefit Cancer Action Kc and the Journal Project! It will also be my Official Coming Out as the Regional Rep for MoFA (Missouri Fiber Artists)!! I’m SO excited to be on board such a dynamic organization!!

Visit ParasoleArts.org to get a look at the AMAZING work that they’ve been doing to bring art, craft, and the healing magic of creativity to the Kansas City community!!

We’re even cooking up a PREevent at the Scarritt Scare-it trick-or-treat street festival on Halloween where we’ll have a Poison Ivy costume contest and LOTS of fun for all ages!

If you’re looking for some arty opportunities to beat the heat, be sure to look at Parasole’s upcoming classes and events — you WON’T be disappointed!

For the next few days, I’ll be keeping cool in the studio working on Bushwacker (I’m about 15hours in… LONG way to go!) Unfortuneately, I spent so much time chatting with visitors at MakerFaire – I only had about 15 minutes of worktime!! But it was all worth it!!

Until later, You stay cool  –& thanks for stopping by!

*cue stitching….*


Bushwacker is gettin ROWDY for MakerFaireKC!

OK – I can’t keep the secret ANY longer: I AM a little bit country, and to properly stay in touch with my hell raisin’ whiskey at the rodeo  streak, I’m going Full Country in my next embroidery ……..   Pictured here transferred to the fabric at 13x9inches, 4 hours in and with about 60feet of thread stitched in — Meet Bushwacker!! The rankest bucking bull alive — NO joke! He is a proud National Champion who is often accused of being “More ballerina than bovine” as he jumps, spins, and gets rowdy with the cowboys.  But don’t take my word for it — visit Snotitude Bucking Bull blog created by the writer/photographer Susan Hanrahan who has been kind enough to partner with me to make the Bushwacker Embroidery possible. Her photo below taken up close & personal at the rodeo served as the basis for my sketches — She really has a great eye for capturing each bull’s personality (& it helps that she  FEARLESSLY gets right up in their space for surround-sound-&-smell pics!!)

As if great photos weren’t enough,  her current series featuring bull’s eyes is simply BRILLIANT!!  Go see what YOU can find in a Bull’s Eye…

Whether you’re an animal lover, a rodeo fan, or an embroidery enthusiast, we’re gonna have a BLAST creating THIS special guy.


Don’t forget to come see me THIS WEEKEND all day Sat & Sunday at MakerFaireKC, in Union Station downtown.

I’ll be working on Bushwacker, and Mo the Akita, AND bringing the Sinister Stitch botanicals out to play.

For more info, visit MakerFaireKC

See you soon!!


Visit custom work to see MORE!

Meet Me at Maker Faire — I’ve got a dog, a bucking bull, and a BIG blooming botanical woman!!

Its one week and counting til we can all meet up at Maker Faire!!! I’m bringing Mo, The Akita in his current state (about 90% finished) at around 85 hours of stitching in over 1000feet of thread!! Do come out to Union Station & see us…

I’ve also started stitching Bushwhacker — a beautiful red, black, & white bucking bull….


Maker Faire will also be a great time to see the Womandrake in progress from Sinister Stitch  and look at the Roots at Dusk (110,000 stitches in mixed media embroidery) which I’ll be borrowing from the KC Art Institute gallery for the weekend!

For those into the fiber arts, I’ll have membership info for the Missouri Fiber Artists (MoFA) organization AND info about Cancer Action KC who will be my partner in the Cancer Cant Take Memories Journal Project

NOT to mention the MANY MANY other makers who will be showing off their creativity and works! Come play with us June 23 or 24 — it’s going to be a BLAST!!

For more info, Visit MakerFaireKC and PASS IT ON!!

I’ll see you there!