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From Watercolor to Stitch: Butterfly She

Welcome to the Butterfly She:


In this example I began the painting as one thing, and bailed out half way through to turn it into something entirely different.

When I began painting, I chose lavendar and was considering something landscape-y, but at dusk, when the sky is purple. After laying in the initial wash, however, I just didn’t like it. That’s when I decided to make it into a She instead.

Below, you can follow the sketching of the face, eye, hair, and then the mouse and butterfly.  I colored in the face and hair with watercolor crayon and just wet it to blend.

By the time I stitched in some hair outlines, and the eye and lashes, I had the look I wanted and just finished it all up.

That’s the cool thing about watercolor underpainting — it doesn’t necessarily demand that the stitched forms hold true to the painted base layer.  What is important is that YOU make the images happen in a way that satisfies your vision.

Or, go to your sketchbook and discover a shape or image you might like to stitch. Lay down a watercolor underpainting and let your stitched form emerge on top — it’s all about experimenting!

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Good luck, be fearless, and GO stitch up the place!