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Welcome to the Freedom of Stitch Galleries!!

**Browse some of   *My work* then perhaps

**Visit the Roots at Dusk Diary chronicling the creation of my biggest work to date: 110,000 stitches over 3X4feet of muslin…

**Visit  *the Mandrake Challenge Gallery* where my design of the famous plant gets made over by other artists…

**Look in on  *the Stitchbomb Chronicles* where public stitch-graffiti is bustin out!

**Head to the Mixed Media Embroidery Gallery that I created on Flickr & be amazed by over 400 talented and fresh artists & THEIR take on all things art, craft, and stitch!!

**Wander through the   *Metamorphostitch gallery* (which lives over in  Sinister Stitch) and see what exquisite corpses are lounging in the shadows…

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