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Prices calculated per project OR $15 per studio hour…

You just never know WHAT we might dream up…


From the Collection of Ms L Woods, Kansas City, MO

Moe the Cat (4.5X5inches, Mouline & metallic on muslin)

Time in:55hours, Thread: 36 colors, approx 750feet



Mo, the Akita, 6X8 inches (work in progress – about 12 hrs to finish….)

Time: 136 hours,  Thread: 32colors, 1220feet



Bushwacker (Nat’l Champ Bucking Bull)Working in partnership with photographer Susan Hanrahan of Snotitude Blog. Finished will be 11X15inches, dimensional hand embroidery –

(Work in progress – 26hours in, 6 colors… about 165 hours to finish…)



Tiger Tabby – Donation for Humane Society ‘Art Unleashed’ event fundraiser

4X4inches, approx 38 hrs

Glamour Buzzard – 6X7inches, applique & dimensional embroidery on jacket


From the collection of Mr & Mrs M Hurley, Overland Park KS

The Tree of Life (16X20inches, Mouline, Satin,  & Metallic floss on muslin)


She – 4X5inches, dimensional embroidery on applique, jacket


Uppity Buzzard - 6X6inches, dimensional embroidery on handbag


From the collections of Ms. E. Schinderman, Hollywood, CA

from Mommie Dearest: “Don’t F*** with me fellas. This ain’t my first time at the rodeo.” (6X8inches, Mouline, metallics, & beading on satin)


From the DMC Threads Projects

GO Buggy! (8.5X11inches, Mouline, metallics, Memory Thread, and watercolor on paper)


To see more finished stuff,   Visit My Work



Crazy Quilt – Intro to Hand Embroidery Project


Original Horse – Sketch by Mark Cayer  (For the collection of Mr Mrs M Cayer, Independence, MO)


Kansas City MO

Original Design Dress in Traditional Afghanistan Embroidery featuring traditional embroidery, beading, shisha, and dimensional stitch

*pic to be added…*