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Welcome All in 2012!!!

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FAMM Online Class 2013

Mixed Media Stitched Journal on the FAMM network!!

Workshop is divided into 6 sessions, each delivered on Saturdays, look for re-launch in Autumn 2014

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For years I’ve watched artists & crafters grow restless as they consider their supplies with an adventurous eye… and I have often heard the question, “How can I add my stitching to a book project?”  A Mixed Media Stitched Journal is the answer. We’ll begin by choosing a bound book as our base, and we will collect our treasures and special thingy things.  Then we’ll set out on our journey.       This is my book – Global Arts Watercolor book handmade in the Punjab region. It’s time to set your creativity FREE!!! If you’re struggling with doubt… or apprehension… if the voice in your head echoes C’mon Your Art Sucks…it’s time to time travel to my own inner critic & kick out the doubts once and for all!!! ** Need more info?  see what graduates are saying

*Visit APPLAUSE*  Visit the sign up page for the MOFiber Artists event & scroll to the pictures to see the magic that the Garden Book workshoppers worked in THEIR books!! Check out this recent 2 page mixed media stitched book spread submitted by Barb Zappulla from the lovely Florida beach! (makes me all warmmmm…).

Just goes to show: your book can be a companion both in and out of the garden!! THANK YOU to everyone enrolled in the Winter 2009 to Spring 2012- I LOVE this series!!  If you’d like to explore the FAMM community in the ning.com network, that’s a great place to build your OWN page complete with blog, gallery of work, etc! *VisitFAMM*

Here’s what students said:

Hi Victoria,

Look What You Started!!

I participated in one of your online classes last year, the garden journal, and I wanted to show you what you inspired. I’ve worked on it off and on for the better part of a year now. This past fall an artist friend agreed to give me private drawing lessons at her community studio. One thing led to another and I find myself getting ready to submit this (to an upcoming show). I’m nervous to say the least.    2012 was not a great year…  This little piece of fabric helped me get through it. Thank you so much for that online class! It pointed me off in a whole different direction with embroidery. It inspired me to take a drawing class.

Best of luck with your current and future endeavors.  I check the website often…I certainly hope I can come to one of your classes someday.

Fearlessly yours,  Karen V. (pictured: Titania’s Bower)

  Also pictured: Autumn leaves and Bugs by Sandra Janick