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PlayWithNeedles- Kids Camp!

Welcome to the Kids classes

Email victoria@freedomofstitch.com with your wish & I’ll dream up a class!

Looking for the Grown up classes? Click Here

PlayWithNeedles is all about kids natural inclination to explore and to create–I’ll get them started right (safety & proper usage FIRST, play SECOND) …a perfect excuse for Grown ups & kids to get creative together…

Hand Stitching - In these sweet little workshops, I’ll walk the kiddos through designing, stitching, and finishing their own project!! No experience necessary! 3hours.










FOR PRIVATE SOLO or GROUP SESSIONS: email victoria@freedomofstitch.com

Even young girls and boys can get their stitch on with a simple running stitch–


During a Private Session , youngsters can learn their ABCs by creating colorful  Alphabirds! Workshop kits come complete with age appropriate meterials including needle, threads, and watercolors to fill in the snazzy lettered bird bellies from A to Z and a couple of wings choices, this design set could keep ‘em busy indefinitely (think summer break…)



With a little watercolor pencil and a few threads, this guy REALLY pops!  (many thanks to Miss Trinny, age 7, who colored and stitched this beautiful birdy–NICE WORK GRRRL!!)

If your tweens and teens want to try something more complex, how about a Butterfly She:


(for those inclined to want visuals, I’m building instructions for creating your own She in Free Tutorials: From Watercolor to Stitch step by step – Butterfly She *link* )

If you’re looking for the less-rodent-y pet, try the Perfect Pet Design Sheet:


(8.5X11inches) Stitched up (again by Miss Trinny) on a snazzy cushion, you won’t have to feed, walk, or pet them!

For older kids, I’ve got intro to Art: drawing, watercolor, or mixed media collage — YOU choose the focus and I’LL light an art fire under those babes that will never go out – PROMISE!

For single All ages painting classes, Visit JoAnn Workshop Schedule- Painting

Now what are you waiting for? Questions email me

victoria@freedomofstitch.com to set up YOUR kids art event!!

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