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MOFA Archive

Mixed Media Lab for Fiber Artists
with Victoria Crowder Payne

MO Fiber Artists Conference, Tan Tar A Resort, Lake of the Ozarks, MO
Date: Saturday, 19 May 2012    Time: 9am to 4pm

Cost per student: $75 (Includes use of unbleached muslin for experiments, embroidery hoops, flosses and needles, use of Liquitex mediums, Soft Bodied Acrylic Paint and Watercolor Crayons, and Surface Design Project Instructions)  (Complete Individual Kit available for $28 - email victoria@freedomofstitch.com

or assemble your own from the Suggested Supplies list to be sent after your sign up)

Every artistic journey should begin with a roadmap. The Mixed Media Lab is YOUR map to explore the uncharted territory of mixed media embroidery and surface design. We’ll begin by diving right in to Gel mediums.  We’ll use String Gel and Texture Gel as abstract surface design elements and as rubbing plates to lay a base for both paper and fabric art work.

Specific technical instruction will cover gel medium transfer of an image to both paper and fabric for mixed media or fiber work and creating a surface design for layered work with Liquitex Texture Effects gels (such as Glass Bead Gel and Natural Sand Effects medium).

We’ll explore how each medium has aggregates added to the gel that imparts the look of natural additives (like beads or beach sand) without the danger of introducing impurities to your paper or fabric composition.

Our journey will also include revisiting traditional stitchery as embellishment, and basic dimensional embroidery for UP off of the surface effects.  We’ll experiment with DMC flosses including: Mouline, Satin Effects, Metallic Effects, and introducing Memory Thread (fabric covered wire) for REAL dimensional options!

If you’ve ever struggled with dimensional stitches or if you want to add something special to your work — come explore ways of getting UP off the fabric with me and I PROMISE we’ll get you dimensional using threads and mad science!


Overall, the Mixed Media Lab for Fiber Artists is a great way to explore dimension in both fiber and chemistry while guarding the long term stability of your surface design!

What’s the word on the street??  Visit The Whole Story

from MOFA Speaking of Fibers at Innovations in Textiles 9
Janet Wade of the Missouri Fiber Artists says: “I have been in the art world for 30 years, attending many workshops and have taught in a gallery covering a span of 15 years and I think that your style of teaching the best kind.  You are open to questions, you make the workshop fun, and the pace of the class was perfect, it allowed us to mingle and explore on our own, while you shared with us your work, your favorite books, your patterns and your methods. The workshop covered a lot of techniques and the manner in which you presented that information allowed hands on experimentation and exploration. You are a wonderful teacher………:) I enjoyed your workshop and would sign up for another one.” (Jan pictured here with ME!)

Janet used a pressed peony to assemble a gorgeous Poem for a Peony…

(MOFA workshoppers learning french knots using DMC Memory Thread – fiber covered wire)

Kacey Cowdery says:  Victoria became our friend over our two days with her, mixing structure, creativity and encouragement. She provided us with patterns which we could use to any degree our artists’ desire. You should have seen what we did with our birds nest patterns. Generosity is her other middle name. Patience and individual attention abound in her way of teaching. Then there is that structure that every teacher must maintain in order to impart knowledge to her students. Because she is so engaging and interesting, we kept our focus, got our projects completed, and were eager for the next lesson.  When you get a chance to take Victoria’s workshop, you will not be sorry, just DO IT.”

Shirley Nachtrieb says: “I thoroughly enjoyed playing with you at the St. Louis Artists’ Guild this weekend.   I learned many new things.  I like the 3”-5” needle idea.  They will make my doll creations easier. I love the idea of the Grimoire. I will continue to work on my pages and will keep you updated. Thank you for a GREAT workshop!” Visit Nachtrieb.com (pictured above ‘Autumn’)

As a painter, Shirley treated us to some of her beautiful watercolor work to compliment pressed flowers and Liquitex String Gel which we drizzled into wet fabric.

(MOFA workshoppers learning to separate single filaments from a strand of embroidery floss)

Pat Owoc says: “A really inspiring experience… I’m just full of information and techniques to try… And from one powerhouse of a teacher!”  Visit Pat (Thanks Pat!)

More treasures from MOFA Speaking of Fibers workshop: Creating a Fiber Artists Grimoire: I shared my books and we started surface designing…








Using my collection of pressed flowers, we built up great textures on fabric and paper…







Learning Liquitex Gel Medium transfers REALLY opened our creative eyes — it’s an easy way to create a first layer of interest to get your creativity flowing.

Now… scroll back up to the top and SIGN UP for MOFA’s conference!!

I’d love to see you in Tan TarA for a day of mad chemistry and stitchy goodness!!!

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