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Poet’s Narcissus

April 2011

Poet’s Narcissus is known colloquially as Peasant’s eye… As I am in the heat of birthing this poison, I’ve been gazing into that eye waiting… It’s been 2 days.  After sketching, researching, dreaming, and dithering, I finally landed on the style for this piece: extreme close up with the primary focal point being the 3 centrally located ovaries — personified as ‘weeping Buddha” style male figures.

Isn’t it just delicious? Once I found my point of entry the images flooded me like Noah on the worst of day of 40.

I’m working out how to handle the underpainting now (part watercolor crayon and part soft bodied acrylic… TBA) I think I’ll work the petals in whites-grays-lavendar (to show shading) and maybe do some painting on the threads after stitching.

This one’s really coming together!

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