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Let the Applause Shine!

I am lucky enough to have some of the COOLest clients…

Commissioned by a group of digital artists for some hands dirty workshops, I rolled my big trunk full of supplies into the empty room and we got DOWN with Art journaling possibilities!!

Overheard in the classroom:

This is SO important… to just recharge and learn some new techniques…Victoria, I can’t even listen right now, I HAVE SO MANY IDEAS GOING THROUGH MY HEAD!” Carolle Nau, Designer

Three sessions of gel medium transfer, mark making with inks and paints, flower pressings and rubbings, and some seriously dimensional embroidery including knotted and wrapped stitches….. All for work on both paper and fabric…


“EVERYONE should be in this class… you’ve just reminded me to make time to play and learn — THANK YOU!” Yadira Penafal

Get the WHOLE scoop in the Mixed Media Stitch Workshop RECAP

Wanna hang out with me in the C&TPublishing Wednesday Night Digital Lounge?  See Liquitex Effects & Texture mediums at WORK in my 1 hour workshop: When Fabric Meets Stitch: Mixed Media Embroidery.  See what others said & play along with us – Visit the DigitalLounge
joann 135x JoAnn Students of ALL AGES have fearlessly made jewelry, craft projects, hand embroidered goodies, & finished watercolor and acrylic paintings with me since 2009!! They say:

This was the BEST class EVER!” Josh Nash

“Victoria, you can teach ANYTHING!” Kelly Ingracia,

“This is MY thing! I can relax and enjoy MAKING something — and it’s  SO easy!! Everyone should take a class with Victoria!” Loyda Staklova, workshop addict


mofa fcbk

From the St Louis Artist’s Guild  Click to read the whole story of my workshop “Conjuring a Fiber Artists Grimoire: a mixed media stitched book”. I also served as Juror over the MoFA 2011 Speaking of Fibers exhibit, and they were AMAZING!

Janet Wade of the Missouri Fiber Artists says: “I have been in the art world for 30 years, attending many workshops and have taught in a gallery covering a span of 15 years and I think that your style of teaching the best kind.  You are open to questions, you make the workshop fun, and the pace of the class was perfect, it allowed us to mingle and explore on our own, while you shared with us your work, your favorite books, your patterns and your methods.

The workshop covered a lot of techniques and the manner in which you presented that information allowed hands on experimentation and exploration. You are a wonderful teacher………:) I enjoyed your workshop and would sign up for another one.”

(MOFA workshoppers learning french knots using DMC Memory Thread – fiber covered wire)

Kacey Cowdery says:  Victoria became our friend over our two days with her, mixing structure, creativity and encouragement. She provided us with patterns which we could use to any degree our artists’ desire. You should have seen what we did with our birds nest patterns. Generosity is her other middle name. Patience and individual attention abound in her way of teaching. Then there is that structure that every teacher must maintain in order to impart knowledge to her students. Because she is so engaging and interesting, we kept our focus, got our projects completed, and were eager for the next lesson.  When you get a chance to take Victoria’s workshop, you will not be sorry, just DO IT.”

…and Mr X loves Sinister Stitch! “The Sinister Stitch Chronicles is an interesting project that makes great use of social media to add extra narrative to Victoria’s creative process. It’s a smart move that will ultimately lead to a much stronger connection between the finished pieces and the artistic process. I am curious to find out what will happen next!” WOOO HOOO!!

NDBex wrote a BEAUTIFUL high-five/review of Sinister Stitch Chronicles Episode 2 at NDBexCreations She says: “I love this episode so much because you can see the artist in her space, how she organizes herself, her beautiful family around her lending hands and paws to the project and just get a feel for who she is as a person. Her first episode was amazing as it described her inspiration for this project. I am a big believer in the subconscious influencing us, especially in our art.” Visit FreedomOfStitch Tube


Oooh hey…..
c&t For the C&T Publishing Creative Troupe, I design Projects, Tutorials, & I’m a Surface Design Ambassador- HIRE ME for customized art or craft lessons!

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email victoria@freedomofstitch.com with questions…

Praise and adoration from those who have attended my workshops and seminars.

Every year from 1999 to present (2011), I’ve rocked the Kansas City Art Institute PCAL (pre College Art Lab) with my original seminar:  Writing Without a Net: Text as Art where we explore every aspect of getting words on paper from Romantics to beat poets to SLAMs. We dive head first into how to manifest creativity using visual tools like sketchbooks and artist journals.
We wrap up by getting a firm grip on how to build an art business, from developing an artist statement  to writing a grant proposal. Students leave with a firm handle on writing and following a Business Plan, how to work in a series, and how to use online marketing and local/regional networking to develop clients and contacts. And we do it all by getting REAL about  WHAT IT MEANS TO EACH PERSON TO BE A SUCCESSFUL ARTIST!


Brittany Crouch —  “Victoria’s class had a structure like a moving mass. It was very open. There was a lot of positive energy moving the class forward and diverse discussions about the text we were reading from and the beats of Saul Williams. She “lets” you learn by not hovering over your shoulder or asking you pointless questions. An Amoeba of thought, Victoria inspired me to open up and write freely. Free from the restrictions of a typical public school. Free from myself. All in all she helped me open up and develop my own style of art, by freeing me up in my writing. It affects other aspects of your life when you are allowed to do such a thing.    I, as a student, have many times used the Writers Journal/Zine to spur artistic thought, shown it to my friends, etc. I still have it tucked away on my shelf and love to flip through it from time to time. Again, structure but no structure. Very inspiring, open, and free from chains.
All in all a very wonderful, enjoyable experience in my life.”

Katie Jones —  “The energy in Victoria’s class was amazing. The class as a whole was amazing, and I made so many wonderful friendships there.
I was soo inspired by Victoria’s class! I didn’t have alot of confidence in my work, but the class gave me some chutzpah. I’ve used the handwriters guide so much! It’s like a mini pack of inspiration.”

Madeline Cass “At KCAI’S PCAL program, I thought it was so groovy that we got to choose a creative writing program. On the first day of class, after meeting Victoria, I was sure I had chosen correctly! She is a hot ball of energy, eager to learn and share and enlighten. It is nearly impossible not to get excited around her. Her eccentric personality makes students comfortable and unafraid to show their own personal flare. Her class definitely gave me a confidence boost.
At one point we talked about slam poetry, and that was really cool to me. I had been interested in it previously, and written a few slam poems myself, but I think Victoria’s class is what really pushed me to write a LOT more. I shared my poetry with her after class, and she gave me some wonderful feedback. She also shared a poem with me that she had written called Cherry Thirteen. It had a great impact on me, and I respect her for taking personal interest in each student.
Victoria is a strong, brilliant woman with a heart to be admired.”
For a one-on-one personal look: visit my interview on BlogTalk Radio with Rebecca Parsons where we talk becoming an artist, living a creative life, and I reveal the thing that few people know about me that fuels my art and informs the way I see the world… *Visit blogtalk radio* When you arrive, choose the Victoria Payne October 21 interview ;o}

———————————–Additionally, I’ve broadcasted my mixed media madness over the interwebs including:

(pictured at left: 6 Stitched Shes – original profiles embellished with mixed media embroidery and paper+fabric collage,

for tote bags, jackets or wall hangings).

I also teach online via the FAMM (fiber arts mixed media) forum, and the freedomofstitch.com tutorials which offer free basic instructions including how to work from watercolor to stitch (2008 to present) pictured here: Butterfly She tutorial

*Explore free tutorial*Allison Landish says: “I use freedomofstitch.com like a visual dictionary. Whenever I need a little inspiration, or a pick me up, I visit the tutorials — I LOVE the Butterfly She — or I troll the galleries for ideas. Victoria’s world is such a treasure — treat yourself and  explore her wisdom!!”


For more guided instruction, and the energy of working in a group, I offer the Online 6 and 12 week tutorials which  include working a full series project like a Stitcher’s Garden Book

Kristina Hurbien “The Garden Book class was like a sparrow’s heartbeat! Fast paced and inspiring, I’ll be working in my garden book for seasons to come. I’m not even a stitcher, but I couldn’t resist trying out the easy techniques.  Just when I thought Victoria couldn’t blow my mind any more, she threw out another prompt that sent me right back to sketching, gathering my materials, and getting excited all over again! Do your creative self a favor and TAKE HER CLASS!”

Now, YOU, GET over to the Schoolhouse and explore the options!! *ExploreTheSchoolhouse*

From Karen over at karensfeltworks “I’m definitely hooked on this and i found Victoria Payne and her site Freedom of Stitch and wow i’m even more hooked now.  She does some amazing work, anyway this is my new one with one of her stitches, i still have so much to learn i wish i had have learnt to embroider when my Aunty tried to teach me a lifetime ago lol…

Close up of stitches and with Victoria’s [Thread] Salad stitch sprinkled down the bottom, secured with some black french knots. I might have to add some more of this as i love it.”