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Welcome to the making of the Foxglove…



28 May 2011 – Over the last few days, I’ve been beefing up the foxglove:

I decided to add more gnarly hair, to add the stitching for the blooms (a mixed needle of three pinks in layered detached chain stitch) and to work the pulpu thick stem in memory thread — though I may change my mind about this.

All in all, I feel pretty good about the foxglove & his development.I spent a few hours today re-hooping the piece and adding in some petals:

When I originally worked him, I wasn’t yet thinking in terms of the Sinister Stitch collection… he just evolved naturally out of stuff I was interested in stitching. So I didn’t plan for adding to, or for devising a way to display him. Subsequently, I’ve had to figure out HOW to re-hoop him (I ended up putting him on a small rod frame and stitching through an additional piece of fabric — not ideal, but gets the job done and adds a bit of stability).  I want to have enough stability to stitch in some of the defining elements of his face, probably one strand of brown as just an accent so his muzzle & nose are more dimensional, but overall I feel he’s growing nicely.

Next, I’ll begin working on his page — his display is a “manuscript” type page with burnt edges and ancient script. I like the effect of working a fabric element into a paper one (like suspending a fabric piece behind a cut out window in a page) so I think it will look cool.


15 April 2011 – As the Foxglove has evolved, I’ve found myself experimenting more and more with new products:

I’ve worked with Liquitex soft bodied acrylics on 140lb watercolor paper (at left)and on unbleached muslin (at right w/ Foxglove face), and am finding their buttery quality UNmatched for getting a glossy effect.

The cool thing is that if you water them down and use a soft sable brush, they can ALSO yeild amazingly watercolor like effects.

For fear of sounding like an infomercial, these paints ROCK!

Next on the agenda for Foxglove is choosing a framing situation — I like how he’s looking, so I’ll sit with him a while & see what he wants added…

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November 20, 2010 After working out the sketch for Foxglove:

foxglove sketchI decided to make the characterization really gnarly, but retain the pink/mauve color palette of the plant.

I’m really happy with the way the stitching is going (so far just the DMC satins as a hairy underlayer.

foxglove paintedStay tuned…