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My Work

As I was thinking about how to display work here, I decided to show a few pieces in a large format, and list links to other areas of the site so you can explore…  Thanks for visiting, and enjoy!  Questions contact me victoria@freedomofstitch.com

Moe the Cat 4X4inches, floss on cotton

Moe is part of my CustomWork which can be commissioned by emailing me victoria@ freedomofstitch.com

See more CustomWork

Mandrakethe Mandrake  10X16inches, cotton floss on stamped muslin.   As the inspiration for the Sinister Stitch Series, he has served as a loyal source of imagination.  I LOVE figure drawing, and when I began drawing in the mid 90′s, I began with figures -  I drew him onto the fabric with watercolor crayon and then decided to 3D his foliage almost as soon as the first sketches were done. I’d been experimenting with woven picots and it just all fell into place- voila!   The ruffly stitches at his neck are brazilian cast on which I also love for 3D texture.

Mandrake has *His own Gallery* where other artists have interped the pattern in their own medium — very cool (& YOU can do one if you like… ) GET your own pattern!

Arch View (8.5X11inches, floss and ribbon on watercolored muslin) grew out of an idea I had for an art journal class (I had students come in with a “view”, window or door, through which they would like to pass into an inspirational world).

arch view

This piece is currently on exhibit at Florilegium Needlearts in Parkville, MO – I also film some of the Sinister Stitch Chronicles in the store.

Often, I turn my attention toward birds — Nest (10X6inches):

little nest

Incidentally, bird nest was developed with a technique I call Thread Salad which is explained over in  *Hardest Working Stitch* If you need a way to visualize what a certain form or color might look like on your fabric, go look at how I do it.  In ‘Meadow’ (15X20inches floss on muslin – right half below) I use thread salad as an Impressionistic visual shorthand.

mdw096 r half

In combination with the watercolor, I could develop the entire composition. It was key to my developing  the Roots at Dusk (3X4feet)


At 110,000 stitches over a 14month period, it was quite a project!  *Visit the Diary of its creation*

Also, look around the Schoolhouse for what I’m currently up to, what classes and tutorials are available and how to get YOUR inner creativity pumping! Let’s get together and make something really wonderful!

See you soon!