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In the interest of edutainment, I’m sharing one of my very FAVorite things to create: it’s what I call METAMORPHOSTITCH™ (groovy term, eh?)

The philosophy  is simple: using collage type techniques, or the kind of serious but random and playful combination employed in Exquisite Corpse ( *definition link* ) you ultimately reveal some unexpected creature or creation.

The way I do it, everything begins with Embroidery — that means everything from collage, to dimensional textures, to wire work and jewelry… Yep, it ALL begins with stitch. Since I speak thread, I THINK in the way threads move, curl, wrap, and even tangle.

Whether I’m embroidering, painting, making jewelry, or dreaming up new creatures like the Sinister Stitch series, it’s all about stitch…..

So, HOW does this push you creatively? In order to be TRULY fearless, you must embrace Freedom of Stitch; you must venture to where art & craft meet stitch, and find inspiration and creative nourishment! In order to help you on your journey, I’ve begun laying a thread trail to guide you… you have an easy choice-

we can create something ALL new, ALL you… Metamorphostitch!!

meta 4

Think about what inspires you?    Do you have a love of pen and ink drawings?    Do you like the puzzle quality of assemblage or collage?   Are there things you’re thinking about that you haven’t tried yet?   What makes your creative impulse pound in your chest?

Consider  HOW can you manifest what you’re dreaming?

As a peek… look on… I began with the Mandrake (pictured above right)

I knew I wanted to create a version of the traditional witch’s poison root, but how…  And I set about sketching. It didn’t take long to know that I’d be replacing the human face with the foliage… and to work out the figure stitching for the root/body.  He just evolved naturally. C’est la vie!

He even got all tarted up and spawned his own little gallery *here* Are you getting any ideas yet?

Next came Mixed Media Bird Girl:

Sometimes, as I build compositions, I try several treatments before I settle on one to stitch.  The following idea has haunted me for a LONG time, but is still germinating.  I keep collecting people, animal, and inanimate parts just waiting for the birth of something wonderful.

First, using matte gel medium, I transferred a photocopy of a bird to muslin, and overpainted some green and brown acrylic color.

I stitched in some funky fiber and some random floss, then added a few pressed leaves.

I was able to get a good scan after removing the frame:


For the second try, I sketched the image to muslin, painted the bird body, and began embroidering the face.

The effect is very different, but evolved nicely.

bird girl grey crop

As I return to the studio and put the finishing touches on my next Metamorphostitch adventure, your pulse may be racing… you may have a twinkling of an idea… something you want to try…

In the mean time, if you haven’t checked out the Schoolhouse lately, take a look… you might find something you like…

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