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StitchBomb Chronicles

Feb 2011   The latest discovery in graffiti & embroidery:

About a year ago, Jon Baker, a personal trainer at New York Sports Club, and Iviva Olenick, an avid gym member, met and became trainer and client. While working together, they discovered a mutual love of art, and decided to combine their media. Jon is a native New Yorker and graffiti artist who works primarily with marker on paper. Iviva Olenick is a textile designer and fiber artist. Their site documents the development of FiberGraf, where street art, graffiti, and embroidery merge.

pinkhensrev fiber graf

learn more & browse their blog here:  LINK

They have also collaborated on tshirts & other stitchgraf  projects — check it out!

That’s right, Stitchbombing is for the Truly Fearless Stitcher…

But I get ahead. First we must define our terms, yes?

Stitch Bomb, v., to pass a thread/cord/rope/wire through a public surface (such as fabric, plastic, metal, fencing, etc.) in order to produce a “mark” often worked into the form of a monogram, symbol, motif  or text; generally a covert or unauthorized action.

Bomb, document, share (and we’ll keep it real quiet… sshhh)


Ulrika Erdes

Ulrika Erdes (Sweden) stitchbombed this lovely bus seat with a MOST sweet cross stitch.    And another lil dude looking out the window:

Ulrika 2 IMG_3895 copy

You can find more about her and her fearless public embroidery here  *link*

And this is ONLY the beginning…  just WAIT til you see what’s in the works…

Consider the Craftivist Collective cross stitching fences in protest; if ever there was graffiti stitch, THIS is it:”Love stinks unless you act on it”:

craftivist collec - fence.jpg 2*link* to flickr gallery


*link* to website

And this… just in from the lovely Radical Cross Stitch crew:

radical cross stch dollar sign fence

Tutorial for stitching a chain link fence in protest against wasting dollars on wasteland:  **LINK**


over at wiki, there’s a work-in-progress to document activist stitch:


In the mean time… Be fearless…

Bomb. Document. Share.

It’s ALL Freedom of Stitch to us!



Just when I thought I was finished applauding and bravo-ing my amazing friends for their activism on behalf of the Haitians who are putting their lives back together, I tripped over David Littler’s report on the Sampler-Culture Clash blog detailing how Ele Carpenter is raising money in San Francisco through her Open Source Embroidery project  *LINK* — By auctioning all sorts of objets d’art, including: GRAFFITI’ED CHAIRS!!    If you haven’t already investigated the Sampler project, you’re in for a real treat -  When dj’s meet stitch, it’s a truly special exchange!  Check it out!  *LINK*

graffitistitchchair1 graffitistitchchairdetail1And now, with David Littler and Ele Carpenter teaming up to use their needles for the best of the good… it only reconfirms what I’ve been saying: when we put our needles ON the record, the BEST things come of it!  Incidentally the auction is as follows: Sunday 21 February 2010,  Silent Auction 12-4.30pm / Live Auction 5pm,  Tiburon Town Hall, 1505 Tiburon Blvd, SanFran CA,USA.

Be Fearless!