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The Fearless Studio 3-2-1: Launch!


Visit the VIDEO!!!!  it’s been months of filming, and a couple of months in post production, but like an exhausted Mama holding a new wiggly bundle: I’m. So. Proud.  Please ‘like’ and SHARE: THIS BABY IS FOR EVERYONE!!!!

As for Fearless Studio, it’s been almost TWO DECADES in the making

In retrospect, the Journey makes perfect sense…  from developing classes on everything from Nutrition to Resume Writing 1988 to 1993… from the time I first began volunteer teaching in 1993 “Preparing Your Poetry for Public Performance” (& DID readings on trash bins at KC Metro bus stops!)… and then agitating with the KC Free Speech Coalition in 1996 for the first amendment rights of indy publishers so they could create & share their zines freely… and THEN, finally, in 1998,  letting my OWN inner artist out to practice sketching… and drawing…

and gaining, with each success and failure, a more defined VISION of what I wanted to express, and what tools felt right to do so.


I started reading, researching, developing my technical skills… and MOST IMPORTANTLY:

I was LISTENING… to what people wanted to learn… and how they missed being creative…

my own curiosity led me to

watercolor… and embroidery in 2005…


and things REALLY started to make sense:

Not only was I happier with creativity at the center of everything I did…

But others were on the same path!!! Across the country, and the globe, people were crafting and creating their way to living better lives…  DIY was bursting open…

I believe THAT is where the concept behind the Fearless Studio was born…

Of course, for those who know me well, having a battle with cancer certainly snapped things into SHARP focus: having a creative outlet to think about, to meditate on, was literally my lifeline…

It took a WHOLE lot of learning… and even more teaching… and especially listening… but finally all the hard work is about to come to fruition: the Fearless Studio LIVE sessions are breaking open RIGHT NOW in the Greater Kansas City area, and will be going up for dvd or on demand download in the next month.


I can honestly say I am thrilled, and excited, and scared to death… but I wouldn’t trade it. Every single student who says: “Thank You! This is JUST what I needed…”  makes the mind numbing stress worth it!

Like out at Cancer Action KC in my Cancer Can’t Take Memories Journal workshops… where we worked hard on healing……or when, in kids Intro classes,  I turn beginners on to the possibilities of moving paint around on a canvas:  There is just NOTHING that beats the feeling of Inspiring someone and giving them the tools to make their idea a reality.

Now… here we go, the next step on the journey– the COOLEST part is: there’s room for ALL of us this time! By Nov 1, you can visit the *new* home for the Fearless Studio and take a look at the class listings — We’re in wineries, local hang out spots, First Friday galleries– YOU name it, we’ll put a Studio Session in it!!

Now, I’m working on website material & filling up the Calendar!!!

Let’s have some FUN!!!


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