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Encore for CancerActionKC… & the Fearless Studio Sessions are about to BLAST OFF!!














Without a doubt, the Cancer Can’t Take Memories Journal project Launch was a great success!! The participants got right to work altering their journal books, answering prompts & questions to create content, and (MOST importantly) sharing stories, experiences, and resources. It was really cool when we discovered t that we are all Moms, so we had LOTS to share about battling cancer while Momming, and how to be strong while still being honest with your kids about how you’re doing — it was a really special day!

The best part is: it was SUCH a hit, we’re already dreaming up an Encore workshop so the students can “recap & keep building”, and help guide the next wave of attendees… survivors helping survivors. Very. Nice.

Speaking of survivors… that was a topic we talked a lot about: how, while you’re in treatment, you have ALL this support and attention. Then, after recovery, you’re kind of set adrift & left to your own devices to learn how to exist in this “new normal” of Post Cancer living.

The Journal workshop, we agreed, is a GREAT tool for survivorship. All of the emotions and the wild animals that run around in your head at 3am can each be wrestles onto a page and dealt with.  Priceless.

I see a LOT of journaling going on in the future of these brave women — and I am just proud to be a part of it!


Next bit of news is that the Fearless Studio Sessions are on the brink of launching!  It’s been a LONG process of filming, editing, fretting, re-editing, stressing….  But with a little luck, the first dvd will be available in October (that’ll be almost TWELVE HOURS of creativity & inspiration to get your artful life on track!

While the final post-production is taking place, I’ve been working like CRAZY to launch local Fearless Studio LIVE sessions in cool venues around town — but more on that later (sshhh…). Suffice it to say: things are about to get VERY fun!!  And… HOW COOL is this logo??!!!  I just LOVE the way she/I turned out. I did a line drawing with a calligraphy pen based on a photo of me from the Studio Sessions credits and I couldn’t be more pleased — it’s the Fearless Stitcher!!!

So, now I’m writing the Projects and workbooks that will supplement the Season 1 dvd/digital on demand sessions.  It’s certainly a wild ride, but I am having a BLAST!!!!

In the mean time, visit the Schoolhouse to see what’s coming up & where to find me, & as soon as www.FearlessStudio .com launches, I’ll put the word out!!

Have a gorgeous 1st day of Autumn!!


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