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Where’s Victoria…. Come out & play!!

Old quote: If you need something done, ask a busy person….  Apparently, I look VERY busy ’cause the “asks” just keeeep rolling in! Which means MORE chances for YOU to come out & play:

Tonight: First Friday, Crossroads District, Kansas City MO I’ll be embroidering in the front window to benefit Synergy services: so check us out (visit Parisole)


Aaaand, what will I be working on? I’ll be creating a *NEW* piece: for Art UNleashed (visit) which will be AVAILABLE at their auction event August 24th so CHECK IT OUT! It will be an orange tabby modeled on Moe the custom kitty I did earlier this year: pictured below-

I’ll be appearing tomorrow 4 August, at the REevent in North Kansas City courtesy of Parisole Arts, where I’ll be working still on the Art UNleashed piece, so if you’re INto REcycling and REusing, come enjoy a beautiful space FULL of great ideas and cool RE-stuff! visit REevent

Sunday 5 Aug afternoon is KIDS CAMP: Intro hand stitching at JoAnn (see workshop info) (& call to register cause times may change)

Wednesday 8 Aug: I’m back at Parisole, 1737Oak, in the Crossroads, KCMO 11am to 2pm for Needlearts and WireWork Wednesdays, so if you HAVE taken a class & need a boost, or if you WANT to workshop COME ON DOWN & I’ll get you going…. If you’d just like to bring WHATEVER you’re working on for a bit of ambient craftyness – the MORE the merrier.

Now… I’m off to start that sassy cat….




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