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Parisole Partnership Beats the Heat!

And… there we were! A sassy bunch of Gents and Dames looking for a little relief from the city heat…

Luckily, the Oak Street Speakeasy provided JUST the refreshing respite we were looking for!

Of course, I couldn’t resist pulling out the old feathered headpiece from days gone by and fluffing up my feather boa!!

The coolest part was finally being able to wear a vintage embroidered shawl from my grandma who LOVED the 20s — so it was just like taking her with me!

After arriving and frolicking a bit:

AAaaand, after the Bellydancer got the crowd warmed up:

I took my place in the boutique window for a little Stitch Theater, where the partygoers got a look at some work in progress and a little history lesson on how embroidery played a KEY role in fashion during the roaring 20s as the playful atmosphere offered LOTS of opportunity for lavish and lush embellishments including beading, sequins, and detailed stitching. All in all — it was a GREAT night (and THANKS to everyone who came out, we’ll be putting our funds to good use to add the new bathroom facilities!!!) Woo Hoo!!

Visit Parisole Arts to see what else we’re planning in the coming days… Including FREE First Friday events to benefit a local charity EVERY MONTH (!!), a featured appearance at the Sept 8th Chalk Walk, and NEW workshops beginning SOON!

Come SEE us First Friday August 3rd to benefit Synergy Services right here in MY town of Parkville MO, providing resources for all those seeking refuge and freedom from domestic violence…  It’s a family friendly environment full of art, music, and FUN!!

Don’t forget to check out the Schoolhouse to see where YOU can take a workshop–

Meanwhile: I’ll be wrangling students at the Kansas City Art Institute in my original PCAL class Writing Without a Net: Text as Art.

So far, we’ve discussed free writing, generating content for creative work, and even a little Haiku!! I’m lucky to have an AMAZING group this year who are writing their butts off!!!

Take care & thanks for stopping by!!




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