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The MakerFaire Affair… New Liasons… & Meetups to come!!

MANY THANKS to all who came out to Maker Faire to visit me!! I’ve only just managed to get all the supplies & artwork put back into my studio — *whew*  For those who couldnt make it, here’s a quick look at the frivolity:

Before we set out to load everything in, the whole family pitched in to build the Womandrake a custom frame!! It turned out great and gave our big botanical beauty a safe place to sit for the Faire.

I still can’t believe how many people came out to visit the event — last count said we had over 200booths of every kind of Maker you can imagine from robots to gardens, from embroidery to guns, and MORE!!!  I think Kansas City was definitely inspired by all the projects and displays.

I gave out over 500 cards & brochures and talked myself completely voiceless on Saturday (!!)  but it was totally worth it — everyone  who visited me asked questions about all aspects of what I do, which was really cool. I loved explaining the details of my passion and watching people get drawn in to look closer at the pieces and hear their stories. Embroidery is such solitary work that it’s really nice to have as open studio situation where people can watch, or inquire, or just mill about as many did.

One of the grooviest things was that I ended up right next to the Embroiderers Guild!! That was great serendipity and we took full advantage of picking eachother’s brains — and even set about getting me booked for teaching some workshops!!  I’ll post on my Schoolhouse page when things get rolling…

As if that weren’t enough, I made GREAT headway in moving the opening exhibit of Sinister Stitch forward!! *drumroll…*

The SINISTER CIRCUS will OFFICIALLY open November 2 in the Crossroads District at the Parasole Arts Foundation and Gallery!!! 

Together with Exec Direc and rock star-tist Rae Weidner, I’ll be producing a HUGE event with everything from fire arts to kids crafts all to benefit Cancer Action Kc and the Journal Project! It will also be my Official Coming Out as the Regional Rep for MoFA (Missouri Fiber Artists)!! I’m SO excited to be on board such a dynamic organization!!

Visit ParasoleArts.org to get a look at the AMAZING work that they’ve been doing to bring art, craft, and the healing magic of creativity to the Kansas City community!!

We’re even cooking up a PREevent at the Scarritt Scare-it trick-or-treat street festival on Halloween where we’ll have a Poison Ivy costume contest and LOTS of fun for all ages!

If you’re looking for some arty opportunities to beat the heat, be sure to look at Parasole’s upcoming classes and events — you WON’T be disappointed!

For the next few days, I’ll be keeping cool in the studio working on Bushwacker (I’m about 15hours in… LONG way to go!) Unfortuneately, I spent so much time chatting with visitors at MakerFaire – I only had about 15 minutes of worktime!! But it was all worth it!!

Until later, You stay cool  –& thanks for stopping by!

*cue stitching….*


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