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Bushwacker is gettin ROWDY for MakerFaireKC!

OK – I can’t keep the secret ANY longer: I AM a little bit country, and to properly stay in touch with my hell raisin’ whiskey at the rodeo  streak, I’m going Full Country in my next embroidery ……..   Pictured here transferred to the fabric at 13x9inches, 4 hours in and with about 60feet of thread stitched in — Meet Bushwacker!! The rankest bucking bull alive — NO joke! He is a proud National Champion who is often accused of being “More ballerina than bovine” as he jumps, spins, and gets rowdy with the cowboys.  But don’t take my word for it — visit Snotitude Bucking Bull blog created by the writer/photographer Susan Hanrahan who has been kind enough to partner with me to make the Bushwacker Embroidery possible. Her photo below taken up close & personal at the rodeo served as the basis for my sketches — She really has a great eye for capturing each bull’s personality (& it helps that she  FEARLESSLY gets right up in their space for surround-sound-&-smell pics!!)

As if great photos weren’t enough,  her current series featuring bull’s eyes is simply BRILLIANT!!  Go see what YOU can find in a Bull’s Eye…

Whether you’re an animal lover, a rodeo fan, or an embroidery enthusiast, we’re gonna have a BLAST creating THIS special guy.


Don’t forget to come see me THIS WEEKEND all day Sat & Sunday at MakerFaireKC, in Union Station downtown.

I’ll be working on Bushwacker, and Mo the Akita, AND bringing the Sinister Stitch botanicals out to play.

For more info, visit MakerFaireKC

See you soon!!


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