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The Zone of the StitchTangle and Other Needle Wisdom


Ever wonder what it would be like if you just let your needle GO and do what it wants? What if you just thread up, zone out, and float on a river of repetitive stitching motion? That’s just what I’ve been doing as I create the samples for the workshop at MoFA (Missouri Fiber Artists) conference May 18. We’ll be experimenting in mixed media using Liquitex effects gels and embroidery so I’ve just enjoyed the opportunity to play and see what I get… For information, visit the MoFA 2012 workshop.

As I work these abstract exercises, I can’t help but think of the wildly addictive Zen Tangle exercises — Explore Zen Tangles and then consider the possibilities for StitchTangles… replacing pen with needle and see where it leads….

So…What’s new around here… You may notice a few changes in the design and an organization of information — all to make it easier for students to see what’s on & what’s coming up. Enjoy a look around….

If you’re ready to get BUSY, Visit the NEW Schoolhouse to find out where I’ll be teaching… Jewelry, Embroidery, Painting and MORE… I’m booking through August with more on the way so if you’re local & wanting a class or private party, OR if you want to get me online, I’m heeerre!!

Also don’t miss the new feature: Commissions to get a glimpse of what my needle has been up to… Is that Cat the COOLest, or what???  Next, I’m tackling a horse, a traditional dress from Afghanistan, a crazy quilt, and MORE!!

Now you have to ask yourself: are YOU exploring your creativity?  Need a boost? Visit Channeling Your Inner Warrior of Intention and let’s just SEE what shows up to play….

Thanks for stopping by!!

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