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Workshop OnLine is LAUNCHED!!

After the huge success of the weekend workshop in St Louis: Creating a Fiber Artist’s Grimoire… I’ve REtooled the book class and am launching SignUps in the next few days!

Mixed Media Stitched Journal

Every journey should begin with a map… The Mixed Media Stitched Journal is YOUR map to beginning your own garden journey. With over 150 pages of prompts, how-to’s, inspiration, and projects, you can set your imagination free using themes such as “Nests & Trees”, “Critters & Crawlies”, “Wee Folk & Winged Things”…. and more.

Sign up Jan 4 through March 25, 2012, $75

Full description & Sign up:  Visit Schoolhouse

Together, we’ll explore ways of working on both fabric and paper to begin your journal. Using techniques to lay a base such as coffee dye, watercolor crayon, stamping, stencils, and transfers, you’ll begin designing a surface for your creations. Using patterns, sketches, collage, and plenty of creativity, you will add life to your journal. Work at your own pace and explore the possibilities of capturing nature for your very own book!! All skill levels welcome

Want to see what the MO Fiber Artist workshoppers had to say about THEIR Garden Book Class?

Janet Wade of the Missouri Fiber Artists says: “I have been in the art world for 30 years, attending many workshops and have taught in a gallery covering a span of 15 years and I think that your style of teaching the best kind.  You are open to questions…  while you shared with us your work, your favorite books, your patterns and your methods.

The workshop covered a lot of techniques and the manner in which you presented that information allowed hands on experimentation and exploration.” (Janet & I at Speaking of Fibers 2011 where her alterpiece took Best in Show!!)

(MOFA workshoppers learning to stitch in their Garden Books with french knots using DMC Memory Thread )

Visit more from the workshop at the MOFA Conference 2012 sign up page (& if you’re local, JOIN ME in Tan TarA in May!!)

Kacey Cowdery says:  ” mixing structure, creativity and encouragement Victoria provided us with patterns which we could use to any degree our artists’ desire. You should have seen what we did with our birds nest patterns. Generosity is her other middle name. We kept our focus, got our projects completed, and were eager for the next lesson.  When you get a chance to take Victoria’s workshop, you will not be sorry, just DO IT.”

Check out some of their work:

Pat Owoc created a gorgeous Mandrake using papers, fibers, and LOTS of imagination!


Also see:


Bird Girl (Carlene Fullerton), and watercolor freestyle (Shirley Nachtrieb).


Now… YOU get signed up and let’s GARDEN!!!

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