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Welcome All in 2012!!!

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It’s time to jam with your uncertainty, get clean, & dive into a book project!!

It happens to all of us – we begin to pursue our creative urges and… BAM! the imp of doubt & uncertainty uncorks its ugly smirk.

Cue questioning your artistic worth… cue second guessing the value of your creativity…  And then, if you aren’t prepared for the battle… witness the beginning of your wicked uncertainty spiral into discouragement, or worse, giving up.

It’s an ugly scenario. but I see it in students, professionals, and everyone in between.  To this I say HAVE FAITH!  You must train yourself to believe deep down in your bones that creativity is a circle… that, wherever you find yourself in the swing of its cycle, you WILL come back around to inspiration, movement, progress… IF you can just hang on.

Now, how about YOU?? Do yo have something to push you through these darker months (though most days, it’s been a BIZARRE 50+ degrees here in Missouri). Consider a book project. We’re revving up for the Feb 4 launch of The Mixed Media Stitched Journal online workshop – come with us & let’s paint, stitch, embellish, and be INSPIRED by all things creative.

Explore Class& Read Reviews Then simply click Schoolhouse to sign up! (See some of my pages below…)

As I edit the Fearless Studio Sessions final form and begin the journey toward the launch, I too am susceptible to doubt, uncertainty, overwhelm… But let me share a secret: with any project, large or small, the real key to sticking with it is to simply find ONE thread through Just find one inspiring thing that allows you to grab your inspiration — enough to stick with it.  The threads may change, but if you can just hold one aspect in your focus, it WILL make the difference between hanging in to glory or bailing out to failure.  So… let’s talk threads.

One of my tried and true threads through creative challenges is to CLEAN! I don’t care how passionate you are about your piles and disorder… STRAIGHTEN UP!

You will be amazed at what fresh ideas come if you simply give them a space to come to. Begin every creative experience with a clean surface & you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to get started. You may find the having a clear area in front of you just DRIVES you to fill it up!! THAT is when ideas start flowing. Maybe… you get a NEW BOOK!!!




Strike out on your own, or join us in the Journal class…

In the Fearless Studio Sessions, I give a lot of prompts for getting started: In Text as Art, in Creativity & Inspiration… but one sure thing is give your muse SPACE and then see what happens.

Speaking of the Sessions: we’ve wrapped filming the 24 major episodes with 2 extras in each one.  The final steps are things like filling in b-roll footage, adding visuals over the green screen segments, and finishing the credits.  It’s definitely becoming an easier process as I work through — but certainly more complex than I imagined.  I’m taking my time and enjoying the journey, really allowing myself to be mindful that I’m REALLY doing this!! It’s at once exhilarating, terrifying, thrilling, & frustrating… but I wouldn’t trade it. All along the way, I’m journaling…

Saving ideas… Harnessing inspiration…

I’m also taking this new year opportunity to overhaul my health.  Something about being cancer free for a whole year has given me a laser focus on what’s important: I want to give my body exactly what it needs to continue recovering and to fight the battles it needs to… WITHOUT my bad habits in the way. I haven’t had coffee in over a year (never miss it) and instead drink jasmine or peach green tea.  Just that change has put me in a much more balanced state. Next, I’ve begun a seriously plant based diet I start the day with a fresh blended green smoothie: kale, cucumber, pear, mustard greens (which make it all hot & spicy!), spinach, apple… you name it! It is absolutely the creamiest energy boost to blast into my workday.  I’ll post more on this soon…  but for now, let’s all tackle the new year seeing our goals with new eyes: the eyes of MAKING SOMETHING WONDERFUL HAPPEN!!

I’ll see you in the studio!!



2 comments to It’s time to jam with your uncertainty, get clean, & dive into a book project!!

  • Pattie

    Excellent! I’m so glad to see you being so artistically productive! Love it. I’ve chosen to go through Julia Cameron’s series of “Artist’s Way” books this year in my own healing journey. Looking forward to the process…

  • It’s wonderful that you are cancer free for a year-worth celebrating. There is something about that health challenge that makes you focus and re-evaluate what’s important. I signed up for your class and am looking forward to it.

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