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Man, that Mandrake is sweet!

Thanks to that sassy stitchin vixen over at Urban Threads, the Mandrake has gotten ALL tarted up and is now TRULY multi-media in hand, machine, and digital line art patterns. In response, the Womandrake is tingly and all a-quiver (and currently getting her rooty body worked on).

In other news, I’ve been writing like crazy on the first 24 episodes of the Fearless Studio Sessions and am working on the Living a Creative Life segments which include everything from creativity in the kitchen to wrecking your home with stitchy goodness — THIS is going to be SUCH an adventure!

The Fearless Studio Sessions, season One will roll out November 20 so enter your email in the Right sidebar under my Hard Working Artist photo and hit NOW!! You’ll automatically receive Fearless Studio Session love in your inbox (usually weekly-ish). Dont miss a thing!

Visit the Sinister Stitch Chronicles at FreedomofStitchTube (episodes one through three are waiting…)

Need even MORE?  Visit me as the guest artist teaching mixed media madness using Liquitex String Gel, soft bodied acrylics, and dimensional stitching in the C& T Publishing Wednesday Night Digital Lounge: Go Now!

In the mean time, I’m preparing the Womandrake for her debut at the MO Fiber Artists event Speaking of Fibers (Oct 5-9) in St Louis MO. I’ll be teaching a 2day workshop “A Fiber Artist’s Grimoire: creating a mixed media stitched journal” with the Mandrake as the anchor project, and A FEW SEATS ARE STILL AVAILABLE!! Come on out and party if you want your own Freedom of Stitch full on experience! VisitWorkshopInfo

See you soon!!


6 comments to Man, that Mandrake is sweet!

  • Can I have your hair and socks too LOL! I mean really the whole photo is UBER cool, and the embroidery I bet is glorious to explore in the real. One day I am going to HAVE to see this in the real.
    cheers corrine

  • Thank you for putting into words what I have been trying to say for years.My own mixed media with stitch is finally making an appearance.It appears in its own good time. :)After watching your 3 videos, I am an avid follower.
    Phillipa in NZ.

  • PS. Ive been using my thread salad as well but I call it my Itty Bitz.

  • Congrats on all the wonderful opportunities! And I love the way the piece is turning out.

  • I could go on about Victoria’s work. But just look at it and let it enchant you.

  • Sharon Eley

    Sorry I missed your workshop in St. Louis. I would have loved to have attended to learn the techniques. I am a new member of MOFA. Also, would like to learn ideas for hanging fiber pieces. Any tips or web sites you could recommend? You had my sister in your workshop. Know you enjoyed the week in St. Louis with all the happenings! When will you be giving another workshop?

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