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Artful Liason… come experiment with me!

In the C & T Publishing Wednesday Night Digital Lounge, we’ll be playing in the paint, stringing and pouring the gel medium, and of course stitching ourselves silly! Fearlessly explore soft bodied acrylics on both dry and wet surfaces (fabric AND paper), get mesmerized as we practice my new groovy Stitch Mappery (think Zen Tangles for mixed media embroiderers), and be WOWed as we tackle bugs AND blooms!

And if you can’t make it, THAT’s ok, it’s available for posterity in the Digital Lounge archive. Wink, and job done.

Visit the Wednesday Night Live schedule

This week, I’m also continuing the pre-production on the Fearless Studio Sessions having just lined out the sections on Creativity & Inspiration and an Intro to Mixed Media Surface Design techniques to help YOU drive, capture, and feed your creative endeavors. 

In business news, I’ve set the LLC in motion for Freedom of Stitch, and begun the process of migrating content to the Sessions structure – WOOT WOOT!

In the mean time – don’t forget to visit the Sinister Stitch Chronicles first three episodes for a little art, imagination, and stitch! SEE FreedomOfStitchTube

In final news, I’ll be making an announcement next week regarding the NEW liason for the Mandrake — that’s right: ANOTHER way to make him your very OWN!! He’s been swanking around and will be making a FRESH debut on Sept 1st with a MOST esteemed pattern pusher!! SUCH excitement in the airs…

Take care & I’ll be checking in SOOON!!


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