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Episode THREE is LIVE… and the Fearless Studio Sessions are incubating!

Are you ready to get Dimensional?? Visit the Sinister Stitch Chronicles Episode 3: Dimensional Stitch, where I talk about the multiple personalities of the French Knot and discuss working the Monkshood/Wolfsbane piece on opposite sides of the same fabric — Woo Hoo!! Visit Episode 3

Meanwhile… I am sequestered in the sitting room and studio just scribbling, researching, scheduling and planning like a WILD  fiend to bring YOU the Fearless Studio Sessions!

Think of it as Art tv with me!!

I’ll begin filming sessions in the coming weeks on topics such as Inspiration & Creativity, Surface Design & mixed media techniques, embroidery techniques,  approaching your Art as a Business… and even Living a Creative Life.  I’m planning to film 22minute episodes in sets of three all chock full of tips, techniques, insights, and of course PLENTY of “A La cART” prompts & inspirations. Based on the response from the Chronicles episodes I have opened quite a can of arty worms and am rising to the occasion by releasing Season One of the Fearless Studio Sessions by year’s end. *gulp*

As for the Sinister Stitch Chronicles: have no fear… I’ll continue working the Womandrake for her gallery debut October 6th, and will continue creating the other Sinisters in the coming months. I was fortunate enough to capture a fair bit of backing from the Kickstarter campaign that will allow me to continue (albeit on a longer timeline) to work the poisons. As funding becomes available, the Chronicles will continue to full completion (probably by the middle of next year). In order that you won’t miss a thing, jump over to the right sidebar and subscribe.

…and Mr X loves Sinister Stitch!! (from 4 Aug review) “The Sinister Stitch Chronicles is an interesting project that makes great use of social media to add extra narrative to Victoria’s creative process. It’s a smart move that will ultimately lead to a much stronger connection between the finished pieces and the artistic process. I am curious to find out what will happen next!”  WOOO HOOO!!

Aaaand… just when you thought The Roots at Dusk was slumbering peacefully… Seth Apter over at The Pulse posted his newest Style File and showed some Root love among an AMAZING group of artists Check it Out!

In the mean time, I’m heading to the studio to begin writing Studio Sessions projects… See You Soon!

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