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Episode 2, Affection & Applause

Arrre Youuu Ready?? Sinister Stitch Chronicles Episode 2: Tools & Tribes is UP!!! All about tools, workspace, and some of the amazing stitchers who inspire me — VisitEpisode2!

Next: Affection and Applause!  This month has found me getting boatloads of affection and Whooping applause from such Rock Stars as Emma Broidery over at DMC Threads blog:  She says: Sinister Stitch is Unique and Innovative! (Visit DMC)



NDBex wrote a BEAUTIFUL high-five/review of Episode 2 at NDBexCreations She says: “I love this episode so much because you can see the artist in her space, how she organizes herself, her beautiful family around her lending hands and paws to the project and just get a feel for who she is as a person. Her first episode was amazing as it described her inspiration for this project. I am a big believer in the subconscious influencing us, especially in our art.”

…… And  over at FeltWorks, Karen said: “Here’s another one from me, I’m definitely hooked on this and I found Victoria Payne and her site Freedom of Stitch, and wow, I’m even more hooked now!  http://freedomofstitch.com/?page_id=958. She does some amazing work, anyway this is my new one with one of her stitches [Thread Salad], I still have so much to learn I wish I had have learnt to embroider when my Aunty tried to teach me a lifetime ago…”

Seems the Freedom of Stitch crusade towards sharing the stitch is DEFinitely flying high!

This week: I’m editing Episode 3: Dimensional Stitching which features french knots,  and looks at the creation of Aconitum (the 2 sided Monkshood-Wolfsbane)… I’m giving interviews on Feeling Stitching (squee!) and working MORE with the lovely and macabre moguls at Urban Threads to bring YOU patterny goodness but… *psst… that’s still a secret*.

I can’t say enough: thank you all. We’re building something WONderful!


Don’t forget: I’m teaching a 2 day workshop in St Louis at the MO Fiber Artists event Speaking of Fibers in conjunction with IT9 called “A Fiber Artist’s Grimoire: creating a mixed media stitched book” (both guild members AND nonmembers are WELCOME!) You can get the scoop on how to sign up by Visiting the

Workshop Page

You can also join me August 24 in the C&T Publishing Wednesday Night Live Digital Lounge for a Special segment: When Fabric Paint Meets Stitch. We’ll take a look at dreamy under painting with gel and painting mediums, and some of the ways to add easy but SNAZZY stitching to your creative projects!

Digital Lounge Schedule

I’ll check in again later cuz for now:  I’ll be stitching on the Womandrake!

1 comment to Episode 2, Affection & Applause

  • mimilove

    I can’t express to you how much I’m enjoying this journey and how I nearly fell off my chair when my octopus popped up! 🙂
    Also if you ever a need a hermit for your studio give me a shout…*desire*!!
    So proud to be part of your tribe!
    Big MimiLoves to you and the gang!

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