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Stitching like a dervish and FULL speed ahead!!

The last few days have been a FLURRY of activity (in the DREADFUL Missouri heat, no less). I’ve laid down some Beautiful leaves in mixed media and stitch for our Womandrake:

When my husband & I lived in Columbia MO (he was faculty at MU), I would often take the kids to one of our gorgeous local parks or sanctuaries. I also drove back to KC fairly often. As such, I was always picking and pressing the local flowers and grasses. I also collected seed pods, and bark, having NO idea what I might use it all for.

Fast forward to 2004, I began making handmade paper using a blender & a screen press. I discovered that by crushing & embedding the things I’d collected, I could get great texture & dimension in my paper. I spent a year hand pouring papers & carefully packing them away for… something… special…

Many of you know I teach at the KC Art Institute every summer — class began yesterday so over the weekend I got into my stored summer library & pulled out the Day One class materials… and… there.  it.  was.  The box of papers, pressings. and collected ephemera from Columbia.  Cue frantic unwrapping and giddy squealing (so much so that I scared the cat!)  I KNEW those were perfect for the Womandrake leaves & body! I’d carried the vague memory of those papers all along and they COMPLETELY informed how the watercolor painting took shape… (Above photos After tacking leaves onto the Womandrake and building up her body.  It looks just amazing!)

So coming up (in between following up on the Kickstarter press kits, scheduling interviews: I’m guesting on Artistically Speaking Radio Friday)


Special Episode with Victoria Payne 07/15 by AS Rebecca Parsons | Blog Talk Radio.   — and I’m guest teaching on the C&T Publishing Wednesday Night Live Digital Lounge Aug 24 to teach how to get cool mixed media effects for stitching over.

Today, I’m handstamping some of the background to further develop the depth in the bottom half of the Womandrake piece. I’m also working some more leaves (I’ve already put in about 2000 satin stitches, it’ll take about 4000 more to finish the leaves.)

In sponsor news, DMC Threads will be posting an interview/feature about me/us/the project in the coming week.  Seems like we’re really gathering momentum!!

Visit the Sinister Stitch Chronicles Project Launch

Don’t forget to pass me around shamelessly! Our project already has 257 “likes” and we’re 1/10th funded — if each “like” pledged just $30, we’ll meet AND exceed our goal! Let’s DO this thing!!

Thank you ALL so much for your faith and generosity. I’m working an average of 10 hours a day for you & will keep making coffee and rolling no matter what!

I hope you have a GREAT day!


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