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Stalking the Elusive Womandrake, Gathering My Tribe

The event at the Scarlet Garnett gallery hosted by the KC Crafter’s Society was WONderful!  In the days leading up to June 23, I painted up the Womandrake: and made great progress in preparing her for her first stitches.

I managed to complete the underpainting in time to load her into the truck & take her to the gallery.

I was really looking forward to unveiling her, and making those first stitches — which I decided would be a spider web featuring some of DMC Threads new Glow in the Dark threads (combined with some Antique Silver Effects to strengthen the stitches and to help the web show up in daylight).

After wrapping her in thick cardboard she was ready for her trip.

The gallery was soon hopping with curious onlookers and enthusiastic shoppers (as well as the KC Crafters Society members who were out in force).

Luckily even the weather cooperated and the temp was a breezy 80 degrees!! Perfect for stitching on the sidewalk:

The guests were curious and  made for a lively session of “Embroidery as Performance Art” as my husband likes to say!

As the night ended, we were able to see the slightest glow of our web: — which I reinforced after we arrived safely home. For more Womandrake story, visit the Womandrake

In the last couple of days, she’s been getting leafy with a million satin stitches on her lovely leaves:

Also check out the Monkshood

For a little video off the cutting room floor and some updates, Visit the Sinister Stitch Chronicles on Facebook

With some head-buried focus and a heaping load of help from my Complete-Production-Team-in-a-Husband, we’ll be launching the Kickstarter on Thursday… wish me energy and stitch!!

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