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Exquisite Liaisons: the business benefits of hooking up

When I first started imagining Sinister Stitch, I spent a fair amount of time thinking about the liaisons.  Back in the day when I was working with the Free Speech Coalition, I learned the THE most important element of any successful event or activity was building a community.  When, for my official public poetry debut circa 1998, I joined Anne Winter & Lisa Cordes for The Bus Event (art performed at KC Metro Bus Stops to “break down the barriers between KC artists & the communities we live in”) I discovered immediately that the success or failure of the event rested entirely on whether we could circulate enough information and bring enough people on board that when the big day came… we had both interest and audience.

Luckily for me, Anne blueprinted me with the skills and smarts to just GO and hitch your passion to something you BELIEVE in… share the love and then watch it grow. POW. Cosmic lesson in hot liaisons and the divine wisdom of hooking up.  We gave invites and flyers to EVERYone who would listen… and if they weren’t listening, we just wiggled louder!! We did interviews, street outreach, and even canvassed the neighborhoods around the bus stops to let people know something special was brewing… and DAMN, it was amazing! I was lucky enough to witness a real live movement as it was being born…

More importantly, it laid the ground work for all that was to come, spoken word  and free speech events, art openings and community building-a-plenty,  the birth of the Midwest Underground Media Symposium chock full of ziners and artists all sharing ways to publish your work, promote your art, and embrace everything from pirate radio to grants for the arts; then there was the Rock the Nation event where we filled the venue with young people to share a market of indy music & publishing as well as witness the FIRST ever skewering of mayoral candidates by TEENAGERS who wanted to inquire: “If elected, WHAT do you intend to do to better this city’s young people?”  It was a beautiful thing…

Together we knitted together a solid community of activists, artists, performers, and all those who wanted to see us succeed.  THAT alone is worth an entire education:  PAY ATTENTION:  for ANYthing you want to do, for ANYthing you can dream, there are people who WANT you to succeed. Really.  No joke. For everything you can imagine and aspire to manifest, whether professionally, artistically, or even personally… SOMEone already wants to give you advice, help you with the plan, show you how to find the resources, give you the materials or the space to work… its deceptively simple, but I am absolute living PROOF that whatever you want, in your heart of hearts, there is already a tribe just WAITING for YOU to be brave enough to step up and GO for what you want.

Today, I am building my next dream right in front of you — and am just counting the days until YOU can join me on this journey (when the capital campaign kicks off).  One of the reasons that I am SO passionate about Sinister Stitch is that I can use this journey to show YOU how to do these things.  So many of you have commented that you could never dream up a series, or that you could never navigate the waters of both creating AND promoting a project.  But the secret is:  if you just commit, and throw it into the public ring… THEN YOU CAN DELIVER! Your very commitment yields the momentum you need to meet the challenge and make it happen. So what do I have to show?  JUST today, one of those comrades from so long ago, DJ Dungeonmaster (aka Tim Harte) has come on board as my soundtrack man!!!!  I had NO way of knowing, so many years ago, when he showed up to a Free Speech Coalition planning meeting that HE would someday be instrumental (no pun intended *wink*) in scoring my documentary project… but there it is.  When you have a vision… and pursue your passion… and bring people on board who you respect and inspire… THOSE relationships will feed and fuel you throughout your artistic trajectory. POW.  Cosmic Lesson. Shut up… SHOW up… and DELIVER.  Job done.

So… what news? Today, I’ve updated the Foxglove diary Visit Foxglove and am feeling really groovy about how he’s developing.

I’ve also been meditating on Hellebore (after my recent liaison with the KC Crafter’s Society) and imagining how he might look:

Considering the tie dye style under painting is very faint, like a watercolor, I think I’ll work in washes and deepen the base layers gradually. I think it’s the latent water colorist in me, but there is security and a certainty in developing a composition one layer at a time. Not to mention the fascinating depth that you can achieve if you JUST have patience and let it evolve.

Additionally, I’m meeting this Saturday with another potential liaison group who essentially meet to share works-in-progress (called — get this– Create Your Own Reality — I LOVE these gals already!!!!).  So much of my work as an embroidery artist is done in solitude… often at night… that I am absolutely starving for artistic camaraderie!!!!!!  I want the fellowship of other creatives as they fight the battles of manifesting their vision.  I think by reaching out and connecting with more of these “community creative” groups, I’ll be fortified where so often I’m left depleted by the sheer SIZE of this freakin project!!!  It is indeed SO helpful to have others within shouting distance to ask “this color, or that”….  “Those stitches… or these?”   I am just giddy at the thought of exchanging creative juice with others on the path to conjuring & manifesting something special.

As for YOU, reader, what is it that YOU want to manifest? Big or small,complex or simple… think about the What’s Next and I’ll check in soon.  For me, I am living a dream… and there ain’t NOTHING better!! (except taking YOU along for the ride) *wink*



2 comments to Exquisite Liaisons: the business benefits of hooking up

  • I love the name of the group Create Your Own Reality, YES!!!!!! I am blessed to live in a village full of creative people and others who enjoy an opportunity to get involved with creative endeavors. My dream, my reality, wheeeeeeee, I am living it and cherish every moment and all those who are part of it.

  • Karen

    Hi Victoria,
    Found you on Urban Threads. Your work is fascinating and very inspiring. I will be watching the development of WoMandrake!!
    All the best,

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