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Get Thee a Cauldron – the Womandrake and Hellebore are ALIVE!!

The more I develop this piece, the more in love I am with her. I’ve got the initial wash done to define the border area, and am now settled into the meditative act of defining the leaves’ shadows behind the main focal foliage. I decided on a mix of watercolor pencil/crayon and a 50/50 mix of Liquitex soft bodied acrylics+water to get a nice opaque shadow. Even though I’m painting it on pretty thick so I can scratch in some leaf vein texture, these paints are so creamy that they remain TOTALLY stitchable. Amazing how far paint chemistry has come.

In addition to getting the leaves done, I’ve started sketching out how to work the body of the woman to be chunky and dimensional like a root.

On the Mandrake, I left it sketchy in watercolor crayon and just straight stitched in a few browns to suggest texture.

For the Woman though, I want the root to be REALLY crunchy, really dimensional, and kind of dirty (as it IS a root after all!). I’ll put up pics as soon as I get it going on.

Meanwhile I HAVE NEWS!!!

As of today, I’ve build an alliance with the Kansas City Crafters Society. These amazing ladies have taken me in and given me resources, encouragement, and a real live tribe of support to draw from. When I was graciously invited to the Tie Dye meet-up, I was hoping there would be someone who could help me work an under painting for Black Hellebore —

Not only did I find help, but the brilliant crafters gave me ideas-a-plenty!

After the first try, I’d painted the flower petals too dark, WAY too dark and knew it wasn’t going to work… but thanks to Amy (who was my brilliant photographer!) who suggested “Hey, cut the paint with water!” So I did and gave it another go — it was perfect!

As the flower took shape, I could see how I was going to develop the form in layers, just like a watercolor — just like the original watercolor sketch:









It’s all coming together perfectly… and I can’t wait to share it!











Next, I’ll be working on the look of the stitched face as it emerges from the flower`s center.

Further, The amazing Teresa Moore (craftrix extraordinaire of the KC Crafters Society – see Facebook page) has invited me to put the Mandrake in the upcoming gallery show (June 23) AND to work on the Womandrake at that event to let the public into the process.  I could just do backflips!!  I’ve been dreaming about manifesting Sinister Stitch for years, and now it’s just unfolding brilliantly.

The lesson here is abundantly clear: WHAT do you dream of? What thing are you yearning to manifest? The answer to your dreams is deceptively simple: to manifest it.  … go to your sketchbook, diary, or journal and identify WHAT inspires you to act… identify what drives you… give it a name, a theme, a focus.  If you can just hitch your future to the very thing that motivates you deep down in your passionate heart… THEN NOTHING CAN STOP YOU!

THAT is the central message of Sinister Stitch. Pursue your muse without hesitation or apology… capture the very thing that motivates you and RIDE it to your most excellent dream. NO fear, NO waiting… just make something happen. Now.  Stop waiting for permission or encouragement from the universe… its the Ruby Slippers people… (visit the Ruby Slippers if you missed the post) What you have always needed, is ALREADY inside you. Just let your creativity reveal it and GRAB ON for all you’re worth!! Make a call… make a connection… reach out… TAKE WHAT YOU WANT!

You can do this because I say you can — because I am DOing it right now, this very minute.  Let’s do it together… feed off of each other’s momentum. If there is something you’re passionate about… if there’s something you can reach down and grab on to… POST IN COMMENTS!! Give it voice, commit to action, SHOW UP!!!  Today, Teresa at the Crafter’s Society said “I’ve committed to 365 days of crafting…” Zowie! That’s a big swinging pair of creative cajones!! I could NEVER commit to EVERY day — but, dang, she’s showing up and making it happen. Moreover, she’s working her arty mojo to gain a grant so we have a crafty venue to work and play in stocked full of supplies… THATs what I’m talking about!  I’ve managed to manifest 6 of my 13 poisons, with the Womandrake well under way, and I feel nothing but optimism and giddy motivation as I push forward.  USE me!  Latch on to my progress and let’s ROCK this cosmic universal gig!!

I’ll check in again soon! Thank you for coming along — your presence is a gift I am grateful for every day.

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