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The Zen of Haunting the Woods and working plein air to manifest Womandrake!

Yesterday was a full on history making adventure… I took the Womandrake outside and began the first layers of her underpainting… wow.  After thinking about this project for over 2 years, and sketching, and dreaming, and planning, I really can’t believe that she’s actually emerging on the canvas. Get the full scoop over in The Womandrake Diary

Meanwhile, I’ve gone to the woods for fun and frivolity and working plein air! (and for more video goodness for the Chronicles) Perhaps one of the craziest aspects of this project has been getting used to having the camera follow me everywhere I go. I’m trying to capture as much footage as possible now before summer heat crushes the possibilities of working outside!

I love the feeling of painting or sketching —  or even stitching — outdoors with spring greening all around me.

Sometimes I find that I’ll see a color, or smell a smell, and it completely informs what I’m working on:


These days it’s all about bringing the Sinisters to life, and with all the plentiful blooms and buds amok, I’m practically bursting with ideas!

For those who have inquired (THANK YOU) I’m writing the video script for the Kickstarter fundraiser today, and will put the video together in the coming week. I’ll post the launch details as soon as I’ve got the credits for the Chronicles edited together. This is going to take a whole tribe to manifest, but I really believe we can make something wonderful happen!

As always, thank you for reading and staying with me. It is during the doubts, hopes, and mind numbing fears that I remind myself that YOU are out there paying attention. It feeds my tired heart.




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