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Steely Eyed Oracle… See Yourself, Look Through Me.

So, Poet’s Narcissus is known colloquially as Peasant’s Eye… As I am in the heat of birthing the poisons, I’ve been gazing into that eye waiting… It’s been   several days.  After sketching, researching, dreaming, and dithering, I finally landed on the style for Poet’s Narcissus: extreme close up with the primary focal point being the 3 centrally located ovaries — each personified as ‘weeping Buddha” style male figures.

Isn’t it just delicious?? Once I found my point of entry the images flooded me like Noah on the worst of day of 40.

I’m working out how to handle the under painting now (part watercolor crayon and part Liquitex soft bodied acrylic… TBA) I think I’ll work the petals in whites-grays-lavender flosses (to show shading) and maybe do some painting on the threads for more dimension after stitching. This one’s really coming together!

Now, Black Hellebore is a whole other story. Bee-otch! I can’t get a clear message from it about its’ personality. I still like the face emerging from the center of the flower:

But the exact composition is still too murky for me to manifest.  I think as I continue to sketch and research, things will become more clear.

I’m also working on darkening my palette overall.  As I think about Sinister Stitch as a whole, I want the palette to be rich and more toward the deep dark tones. I’m also really loving experimenting with negative space, and the possibilities of shading. Since Snakeroot is a white flowered poison, I’m thinking I’ll use negative painting to reveal its wispy shape (the snowdrop at left is almost the colors I want to use…)  I’m also using Liquitex GEsso as a pre-treatment on sketchbook pages so they’ll stand up to drips, runs, and layering paint:

Luckily, as spring busts out all over, I have a whole yard FULL of inspiration: tulips and violets, daffodils and hyacinth… YUM!

So how about YOUR journey? What thing is it that YOU are trying to see clearly? Have you taken the issue into your quiet mind? Looked at it with that Peasant’s Eye to ask what it needs?  you never know who’s coming to the creative party…

For me, this week marks a turn. We’ve decided to go WHOLE hog with the Chronicles — weekly webisodes and a feature length film at the end of the project, including coverage of my workshops in October and a local opening of the entire show. Yipes. I’m still wrapping my head around the new BIGGer picture of this thing. Also, I never intended to be a film maker — hell, I never intended to be an embroidery artist — but as this project has developed, it has very clearly told me what it wants to be. Now I’m seriously having to learn film making in Adobe Premier and plan for how to build this thing! Given that I’ve only really been using computers/internet since 2005ish, I’m having to learn on the fly! (It’s also extremely helpful that my husband has tons of  both computer and theater/film experience, so his direction has been a steady but gentle nudge into my multimedia direction.) I’ve said it before, but I can’t overstate how valuable a good and trusted pair of eyes can be.  So often, I can’t see things clearly because I’m inside. It takes an external observer to compliment your own vision. THAT’s why we have a tribe, no?

For the next few days I’m sketching and painting (and trying to master the use of Liquitex acrylics & mediums.  The Gloss gel makes the coolest shiny glass effects. And as I experiment with different paint combinations on sketchbook paper, watercolor paper and fabric, I can see SO many possibilities.

It’s shaping up to be a great exploration. Thanks for coming along… I do like knowing you all are out there…

For a little more inspiration, Check out the From Sketch to Stitch slideshow to see who you might recognize from sketches gone by… (I see Mandrake, and Weeping Buddha’s forefather…) ya just never know how your history of work will resurface *Visit Slideshow*

Also don’t forget to Visit the Schoolhouse to get on board the Stitchers Garden Book Spring session (blasting off in just three weeks).



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