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The divine mojo of sharing what lights your fire

As I’ve begun to fight my way back to something that looks like health, I am teaching myself to have laser focus. To shut out all the noise and distractions of doubt, fear, and to focus on what needs to be done. Today:

i’ve begun underpainting development for a few of the Sinister Stitch pieces. I’m loving the vibrance of Lyra watercolor crayons on handmade paper — and as a little treat to myself I’ve been selecting color palettes that light my fire… green and purple makes me all quivvvery – and the possibilities of greens with defining black threads is absolutey thrilling! I don’t know what it is about the contrast of black against regal purple and organic green — or even rich red, that just makes me jump with excitement. Color plus thread texture is just one of the best of lifes pleasures.

What are YOUR color pleasures? Do you work them into your art — or wear them in a scarf? What role does color play in your world? Do you let it energize you — motivate you? Are you living in color? It should be part of your manifesto of life. I am ALL about Manifestos now — things that encapsulate your BITE out of life and your intention to LIVE it — MANIFEST what you love to live for. THATs why we’re here — and share it. The love, the divine mojo, is in the sharing of what lights our collective fire. that’s where i am coming from in 2011. Love. Fire. manifestation. The cosmic motivation of  YUM. And let’s make something unstoppable and irresistable. The delicious breadth and depth of yummy creative juju. THATs our goal. And together, we’ll reach the best of the new heighths. YUM.

Today, I am loving my Sinister Stitch chronicles and the way my APPLAUSE page sings about me! I give unconditional love and energy to my students and they, lovely creatures, give it back! That is such a priceless treasure!

There’s something about collecting the praise and adoration of satisfied students that makes my heart beat faster and my blood pump to be of MORE service to those who wish for art…

This year I am pumping UP my service to others and plan to
SING about it. i always knew i was motivated by serving (such a silly Virgo), but this new leash on living has set me on service fire. Watch it g-l-o-w!

Tonight: a glass of Pinot Grigio and some sketchbooking… life -and having beaten cancer into the GROUND- makes living- damn good!

i am completing my book proposal to North Light books, finishing a few workshop proposals for Spring Stitchbooking, and launching some new products into the retail mix to line my pockets with a little coin for warding off the taxman.  Whatever it takes, i am once again on FIRE with possibility and the mathematics of possibility.

Be Fearless! v.

3 comments to The divine mojo of sharing what lights your fire

  • I just love reading your blog entry, and beating things into the ground YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy your wine. HuM I think I may have to try Lyra watercolor crayons, love how it looks, or at least how YOU made it look.

  • Victoria

    Yumma yumma yum grrrl! Given that C&T pub is a sponsor, I WANT to love their Derwent watercolor pencils… but as im still awaiting the arrival of my sample product, I must pledge my BIG SWINGING allegience to Lyra and their thick succulent pigmented watercolor crayons — they just CANT be beat for luscious rich color and even (as watercolors can be said) texture! It just makes me want to squee! Give em a try and you WONT be disappointed.

  • Love how passionate you are about what you do…love what you do
    We are passionate about making buttons and are new to blogging…what a wonderful new discovery this is…opened up the world for us…
    Warm regards from sunny south Africa

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