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get inspired, get busy…

Living in the woods offers no end to the parade of things to get inspired by. Just this week, I’ve seen these:

n8 frog a 2010turtle july2010nest july 2010berries 2010

Even in spite of the poison ivy, it’s been a lovely summer of gardens & stitch. And I’ve been working on some new projects for the mixed media stitchbooks I’m teaching:


“Stitchbookery™” is going to be a local mixed media embroidery class/retreat that will maybe/hopefully be hosted in one of the groovy businesses in historic Parkville.  There are some really great spaces that could be awesome venues for a retreat…  and a secret/surprise place that I LOVE which I’m hoping to contact about some sort of yummy liason… I’ll post when I get the details worked out. Imagine a delicate brunch with a smooth Pinot Grigio and an afternoon of stitchbooking… Now that’s what I call summer fun!

I’ve just started working the Monkshood on unbleached muslin for my Damned Stitch series & I love how he’s coming Monk A calong:  I stitched in the hair which sadly looked more like mange (!) so I ripped it all out & will begin again.

I’ll start stitching in foliage next, but I liked it SO much, I started working one on an old map that I gel transferred to my stitchbook:

Monk B cI think the stitching is going to add a lot to these figures — next I’ll begin Wolfsbane. I’ve been watching Wolfman movies to set me thinking about the wolf/man character and it’s been very inspiring —  but isn’t that the cool part of developing an idea? The process of working something from sketch to stitch is certainly one of life’s sweetest pleasures. If you haven’t looked in on the slideshow, check out my From Sketch to Stitch series  *LINK* , and maybe get inspired yourself.  You never know who might show up when you take pencil to paper & start inviting muses…

I’m also sketching Hemlock… but after the poison ivy fiasco I may have to add THAT to the Damned Stitch mix (I’m STILL blistering but luckily the itching is mostly cleared up).

Speaking of classes — I’m still working out the online situation. It’s taking some editing & reworking visual materials but they’re coming.  I’m also putting up my local teaching schedule for the holidays — November December. I’m planning weekend workshops in wire work and metallics and some additional sketch-to-stitch classes.


It’s been so humid & oppressive we are using every excuse to make art indoors — I’ve got 2 sketchbooking classes coming up so we’ve been doing sample drawings & working in watercolor. Incidentally, here’s a great look at some watercolor possibilities I’ve collected from around the studio: *LINK*

In spite of the great art groove we’ve had going on, today we decided the heat MUST be embraced (as the young ‘uns were getting cabin fever) so I filled 2 baskets with WATER BALLOONS, loaded up the water sprayers & set them loose!!!!!  At least I’ve defended my “coolest mom” title for a while!

waterballoons2010Stay cool, be inspired, and get to work! I’m back in the studio for the next 3 days…

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