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Fighting poison ivy & working kinks out of tutorials…

Don’t let anyone tell you poison ivy isn’t EVIL!

ivy 1 july 2010 ivy 2 july 2010 patch

LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THOSE VINES!!  I’ve cut out POUNDS of thick woody poison vines every night this week and the stuff STILL covers the fenceline…

And if you look closely along the left edge of the right photo, BERRIES! — the beastly vines are growing, weaving, winding ALL through my blackberries!!  I’ve managed to pick a full basket every night without getting any ivy on me, but I know it’s plotting to get me… so I keep cutting it out by the bucketful.

But with the bitter comes the sweet… as I cut through the first brambles in the thicket on Monday, I found an abandoned gift:

nest july 2010

And yes, just like that, my faith in living in the woods was restored.

Those of you who know me know that I collect bird’s nests and have found several around the property which are great examples of weaving and “stitch”.

It’s getting a wash in the shade garden & will soon take its place among the others over the doorway in the kitchen.

Now — about the tutorial situation… It seems our leaders across the big pond have indeed jettisoned the teaching arm from the Hand Embroidery Network.  I know trying to develop and sustain a curriculum is a full time job in addition to their other pursuits, and they have just had to prioritize and tighten their focus.   For us, this means I’ll be editing the core classes  (Stitcher’s Garden Book, 6 Stitched Shes, Metamorphostitch, and Metallics & Wire Work) and am preparing to re-package them for a go over at the Fiber Arts Mixed Media schoolhouse (FAMM link )  being developed by artist Susan Sorrell (creativechick.com).  I’ve LONG loved her vibrant mixed media stitch style, her easy free writing style, and the way she’s just been diving in to social media, and the business of art.  I think this might be a great partnership. So, as things develop, I’ll post links & you can take a peek at what’s available.

Today I finish the Art Institute series & send my students out into the world, then, this weekend I’ve got a mixed media art workshop Saturday & can (hopefully) get new classes developed Sunday/Monday.

Endorsement-wise, notice the Creative Troupe badge in the right sidebar — I am officially doing a little product testing & project development for Liquitex acrylics via C&T Publishing (in addition to designing for DMC Threads) so I’ll be posting some “Mad stitch scientist” experiments soon. Anyone use soft bodied acrylics??  Here’s a tiny peek at the latest studio goings-on – it’s my beloved Mandrake in a mixed media watercolor sketchbook project:

painting askew

You all know I’m a watercolor girl, but  Let’s see what these acrylic babies can do…  heh heh!  Be Fearless!

1 comment to Fighting poison ivy & working kinks out of tutorials…

  • My dh suffers terribly from poison ivy. So far I have never had a problem with it.

    Nice to visit and see what you are up to, looks like you’re very busy (in a nice way).


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