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Valentine's Greetings in Wire & Stitch

14 Feb 2010

6 grid broochsAnd from out of the studio…  the Metallics & Wire Work for Embroidery is coming to life. I’ve found as i work with various gauges of wire that it’s quite like working with thread. Once you get used to the different tension, the “strands” can be manipulated just like floss- and the effects are really cool! I spent yesterday at my local JoAnn store test marketing the workshop for these little designs and found a lot of curious crafters who want to know more about combining embroidery with stitch so it looks like I’m in business. They’ve asked me to develop some other wire projects so I’ll run some workshops & post sample work in the next month.

Meanwhile – all this activity has generated a lot of material for the Hand Embroidery Network tutorial I’m writing about Metallics & Wire Work. I should have it delivered & available for sign ups in April. I’m doing some cool dragonflies and bugs to go with it for spring…

So where does all this get us? In keeping with the inspiration theme, I am continually amazed at the people who are interested in all sorts of handwork. Big guys with tattoos and piercings alongside little old ladies in sweaters and spectacles – all threading needles, manipulating fabric, wielding wire cutters… it’s really amazing. And it certainly reinforces my belief that this “art thing” that we do, what ever medium you prefer, is a rich source of community, and knowledge, and sharing. Tradition and innovation are exchanged as currency, and conversation and laughter ring out among a most unlikely group — but isn’t THAT the point of art, and craft?  I am so lucky to bring people together… build relationships… and to walk away richer and fortified, with skill, and knowledge, and connection.

Think about YOUR art. Do you share it, or create solitary? Do you have a group, or a community of craft? Be Fearless, Find a way to plant a seed… share a skill, participate in a group — Whatever your experience, you may find the most unexpected things growing…

xoxo–many thanks to the Editrix for the edit ;0}

2 comments to Valentine's Greetings in Wire & Stitch

  • Anna

    I LOVE these pieces. Do you think you might do an online class on how to make them? I would love to learn how as I have so much wire from when I tried my hand at jewellery but my passion (and time) as always got drawn back to stitching.

    • Victoria Payne

      Oh yes yes!! I’m currently writing the online tutorial for the Hand Embroidery Network “Metallics and Wire Work for Embroidery” — I should have it up for registration in the next few weeks (funny – I too have a TON of wire left from my “other stuffs”!!) I’ll keep you on the email list & send you an announcement when it’s available. Then just sign up, checkout, and download the class — tah dah! Thanks SO much for inquiring ;0)

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