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C’mon, your art sucks and you know it…


How many times does the perverse little bugger in your head tell you that? Or do you have some wretched person in your life telling you something like, “well, THAT’S not art”… or “why do you waste your time with that?”.  This post is about THOSE voices in our heads, and our lives, who speak the lie, “Art doesn’t matter”.

For far too many years I had THAT voice, and what’s worse, it lived inside me. It told me I had to do something… important.  Something… professional.  Something… profitable.  And I did. I clamped my artistic inclinations shut. But I secretly doodled these:

resting man

think manAnd I was struck by how expressive such simple lines could be…

I began to think that maybe the ART was not in what Others saw, but in what I saw.


If YOU haven’t yet had that realization, you need to sit in your quiet place, and take that thought IN.

ART is NOT in what others see, or what they say, or what they decide is art.

ART is conceived, incubated, fed, and grown IN WHAT YOU SEE.

If you’ve allowed yourself to be seduced by the little imp of the negative, I’m giving you the antidote, right here, right now.

Whether you practice music, visual art, performance art, or the professional arts of medicine or science…

WHAT you see, HOW you process it, and WHAT you make of it — THATs art. And what’s more, it has priceless value,  because YOU are the only single solitary ONE who can see, digest, and MANIFEST your impression.

In my own case, having migrated into the world of fashion for a number of years, I doodled…


bb sepia man back sitting

But those little inklings and tingles…


they simmer, like a pot of sweet potatoes with fresh green beans and baby carrots and corn right off the cob, all sauteed in thick curry powder with shredded ginger, and slowly stirred into a slowly steaming onion and vegetable broth… can you smell that?  awwww, that’s the smell of possibility…

And suddenly, there is a voice… a point of VIEW ( a point of YOU, or ME) who wants to SAY something,

with color, and texture, and out LOUD:

4x4 the fearless stitcher

And a little doodle becomes a big statement…

And a little doodle becomes a REASON to get up in the morning…

And a reason to stay up late…

And gradually, I SEE a way to inspire, and to tell MY story to help YOU find the threads to yours…

And I recognize that if I can pull back the curtain, and show you MY rigging, maybe I can help you grab on to yours,  and finally begin to manifest what is simmering inside YOUR creative pot.

What’s even cooler, is that along the road of this journey, we’ve learned together that your art, in fact, does NOT suck. That YOU, being brave enough to put it on a page somewhere (even in a private doodle), YOU are kind of a rock star for giving your idea a little expression…

And if you can just be curious, and give yourself some time… and a little space to play:

studio desk to table

And some tools that REALLY turn you on:


box2 don’t you just want to LOOK inside…

box new

pot sciss case open3407315034_832a10f911

…don’t you just want to rub around in the paints…

or poke a bit with a needle…

get a book… simple or textured…

cover & side

f reversed horizfig man crop

and just start sketchin around…  let your point of view out to play.

And see who shows up to party…

figureman done099When I finally let my sketches out to play…

the watercolors came in sepia and brown…

and the threads came all bold and black…

and I finally got to meet some of the figures who’d been hiding inside my head space for so many years…

And as I began to REALLY stretch my creative muscle, and to let my imagination take hold and go its’ own way…

my vision manifested new characters in the story (which if you follow me, you should know this fine fellow by now:


the Mandrake.

Who is as we speak getting the beginnings of a companion…


and though HE is about 12 inches long, SHE (not to be outdone) is going to be about four FEET tall — all decked out in fruits & flowers…

So what have we learned from this journey?

Simple.  Your perspective, your view, the unique way YOU see the world is an invaluable contribution to your sanity, and to your art.  Invite your muse to party.  Let her spice and sweeten and simmer your art-pot as much as she wants to — and don’t listen to anyone outside OR inside your head who wants to send her away.

YOU know, without question, soup is life.     Art is life.  MAKE something…  I dare you.

And that’s all we need, no?

Be inspired.  Be fearless.  I’ll be right here… doing the same.

And for the quiet observers, for those who creep around, just watching… CAN I GET A HELL YES!??  If this post made your heart beat a little faster, or made a little smiley feeling in your arty place… leave me a comment… one anonymous word :  “yes”.

Think of it as a dash of salt, or sweet, in my pot ;0}


7 comments to C’mon, your art sucks and you know it…

  • Fabulous Post. and will be posting your code 🙂 Dream big, dare to fail is my current motto.

  • Victoria Payne

    A REAL honor – your crusade and knitty-gritty-knotting is a true inspiration… and the circle goes on ;0}

  • Yes, yes, yes!!!!! I have been going back and forth with myself for days on this very subject. I think part of it is the damn rain and no sun. It is freezing my heart and creativity. I finally ignored the beast and went into my cubby hole of a studio, turned on the music and just sat. Then I started to play and before you know it….I was hooked on the need once again. Thank you for saying what I needed to hear. Thanks for the affirmation of the need to be a creative spirit no matter how loud the demon rocks.

  • There are too many voices out there stomping on our dreams and our art, but in the last year I have learned to turn them off, shake them off and keep on moving with my art. Very timely post as I am doing a piece for a black and white show which my hub said looked like an exploding marshmallow. Not the response I was looking for, but you know what it does look like an exploding marshmallow and I’m sure someone will think that is very artsy. Loved this blog post immensely and love your art too!

  • What a great post! I love your tools and workshop, and your mandrake was a wonderful transition from your drawings to fiber art. Good job, and stay fearless!

  • Skye

    *teary eyed* Yes…

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