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Stitchers Garden book is BACK… & MORE!!

9 January 2010

ok ok, I can’t resist answering the applause with an encore…

so here it is:

SGB 6grid w title

for a return engagement (20 February thru 1 May 2010), registration opens Monday 11 January 2010 & I’ll post the link as soon as the promotional page goes live (so if you’re looking for something unique to give as a Valentine’s gift — consider giving the artist in your life a DOUBLE helping of fun: a tutorial that yields a great keepsake treasure AND a whopping set of fancy new skills including mixed media painting & stamping, repurposing materials, embellishment with found objects, tea dying & alternative papers, book altering (insertions & cutouts), original stitch techniques like Thread Salad, and even a taste of Metallics & Wire Work!  AND… each session comes with a set of patterns and prompts that can last for a lifetime of creative scrap/sketchbooking.  WHEW!! Now THAT’s value ;0}

To learn more: visit the Link to Schoolhouse

And speaking of  original techniques… both tutorials:

Thread Salad: Impressionistic Image Making, and

Metallics & Wire Work in Hand Embroidery will be available in February as single lessons.

Also… I can’t let the cat TOO far outta the bag yet, but I am about to put out a call for contributors to a mixed media stitch book project.  The Fearless Stitcher’s Street Guide to Mixed Media Embroidery is a project I’ve been developing for a couple of years now, and I’m ready to assemble the photos… but I need to build a gallery to accompany the text — especially for the mixed media things I don’t do like heat treatments to textiles, batik or soy wax as a ground for stitching, or extensive beading with stitch.  As I write through specific needs, I’ll post them.   I’ll be asking for each submission to be a jpeg image (one full pic, one close up), up to 3 pieces per artist.  All rights will remain with the artist and artists will be credited with name & website. For those of you working in this area, think about it…

If you haven’t visited my Mixed Media Embroidery Gallery on Flickr **LINK** GO check it out –we’re over 200 members strong and have upwards of 1600 photos in the pool.   I’ll be putting out the call there as well, so you can get an idea of the kind of work you’ll be in with.   Also, some of the projects I use in my tutorials (like Stitcher’s Garden book and Metamorphositich) will be included… so if you’re interested in exploring those things anyway… TAKE THE CLASS and then you can assemble your submission as we go along — handy AND efficient! (must be my Virgo ways showing *wink*)

Now…if you follow me, you probably already know about the Hand Embroidery Network — but just in case you don’t, you must check it out!! Andrew & Sarah have built an amazing network to serve our community of stitch (and all in the last year!!!!) and 2010 promises to be even BETTER! In addition to extensive instructional resources, they offer a community on ning.com, an online magazine -Needle – and really exceptional online galleries/exhibits (which is the prompt for this post): there is currently a call for submissions for artists and writers (HEY my Art Institute students–this means YOU) for the next issue of Needle, as well as need for bloggers, exhibitors for the galleries, contributors to the directory, and MORE!!!  Check it out and lend a hand if you find a fit — we’re growing something very special and it takes a globe full of diversity to make it happen!  **LINK**

Now… between writing to you all here, working on the tutorials texts, writing the book proposal… and keeping up with student emails, I actually caught myself typing in my SLEEP last night! yipes… better unplug & stitch something fast!  Be Fearless;0}

SO… Away we go!!

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