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Channeling your inner Warrior of Intention


So… I was open for workshopping and business on Saturday…

yumbug salad bag

Having committed to an etravaganza of mixed media stitching demonstrations chock full of stitchers, hobbyists, and dabblers, ALL sugared up on cookies and latte. We had some FUN! And one of the lovelies who came out to see me asked: “how do you have the patience to do embroidery? You must be really calm…”

And THAT set me thinking… um, NO!! I am not calm. Most days, my internal state looks like a spiraling sea, raging and rushing, anxious to get SOMEwhere real fast — ideas and inspirations tripping over themselves to be heard. Now that’s not to say that I can’t s.l.o.w. down, sketch the flowers, and enjoy the BEing-ness of stitchery, but if I’m really stitching hot, I’m usually perched on the edge of a barstool with my frame in front of me and something chaotic and inspiring in the headphones. And THAT’s when it hit me:

there’s a REASON why we’re revolutionizing crafts with Cool motifs &           dreaming up interesting techniques, and all achieved without appealing to boring repetitive exercises — which make most of us want to stick a needle in our EYE rather than endure the drudgery.  We want arty/crafty on OUR terms! Free style and loose — with plenty of room for improv and fun — and MESSING UP (and fixing up, which is it’s OWN rush).

That’s why Freedom of Stitch seeks to further the liberation from drudgery and boredom — it’s why I advocate being fearless and stitching up the place!

SO… ask yourself: Is YOUR creativity free? Does your art excite you and inspire?

What do YOU want to explore?

Metal? Cool! Hit the thrift store or the local junk shop (you know, where they have old architectural elements and fixtures and weird doo-dads) and find a screen. That’s right, a window or door screen. If you’ve been living right, it will even be stretched in a frame for you, and *BONUS* mojo if the screen isn’t seperated. If it is, just whip stitch it tight again. Then… voila: stitch it up! Paint, stencil, collage… see where it leads.  Some screens are copper, or you can lightly spray paint it gold before stitching (or after and the threads get all variegated and sparkly…).

Or…  How about flowers? I picked up a bunch of tulips and am waiting for them to wilt so I can press em… How about wood? Go for a little discovery walk and pick up some bark about the size of your open hand (6X6″)You want it thin enough to stitch through, but thick enough to hold up to some tugging (OR you can always spot glue it to some muslin as a stabilizer – easy peasy).

Now, what does that metal or wood want to be? Buggy? Spider webby? Ooohh – Using a gazillion french knots, all loose and loopy, it could be very dimensional!) By the way, the BrazilianDimensionalEmbroideryGuild was kind enough to link me on their site so if you’re seeking a bit of dimension, check them out! Or, how about a little tree?

buggys atcsinglwcrop2

Perhaps it’s because in my online class, we’re doing critters and crawlies, but I’ve got bugs on the brain.

Here’s a beetle – he’s drawn on tea stained muslin with sharpie

and colored with Liquitex soft bodied acrylic paints –

the midsection is french knot

& rear wings are straight stitch.

See what YOU can do with a little paint, & a little bug.

Think about what YOU want to stitch…


… be crafty, be stitchy… be fearless!


Note: at the time I wrote this post,  I had only just imagined the Womandrake! I had NO way of knowing she’d give birth to a WHOLE pantheon of consorts, an exhibit, a workshop series, AND a full on documentary film!!!!

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It goes to show: STATE your goals with conviction. Channel your inner warrior and belt out your creative tune for all your worth… you never know which one of the fates is just WAITing to answer your call. Go ahead… conjure… dream… hook your heart to its’ most thrilling desire and just WATCH what happens. You may just learn to fly. High.

Thanks for visiting!

1 comment to Channeling your inner Warrior of Intention

  • Do I love this post or what? Yes my embroidery is free and yes I don’t care if anyone else likes it as long as I do. I have been giving myself the gift of embroidery without all the nasty finishing touches like framing and sewing. And myself I thank my lucky stars that I have found a hobby that takes my mind off life and where focus is necessary because I often wonder where I would be in life without a hobby that keeps me sane. Blessings and thanks for a great read! Hope you are well!

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