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c-c-cold is for stitchin… WIST

19 October 2009

witch is in sign… and thankfully, I managed to get ALL the herbs IN to the cloches before the c-c-cold hit. Now basil, lemon thyme, chocolate mint, rosemary, and oregano are snuggled happily in for winter… the poisons however, may have to overwinter in the ground (cuz I’m too busy stitching to dig them up!).

And what does this have to do with stitch, you ask?  Well, it’s all about the gardens in my newly developed theme class with the Hand Embroidery Network: “A Stitcher’s Garden Book – a mixed media embroidered journal”  is a project featuring all sorts of really delicious and gardenly entries.

If you haven’t explored the network, take a look around *link* There’s lots to see, and a LOT more in development.  For the Stitcher’s Garden there will be lots of prompts and exercises to build a personal and visually complex book with hand stitch as the star!

Of course the Mandrake will be included:


Also making guest appearances will be techniques such as underpainting, making rubbings and using stencils as mark making tools in order to stitch on.  And tons of ideas for color, texture, design, and stitch… it’s going to be a wonderfully bumpy ride!

I’ve noticed so many other stitching artists who are looking at their supplies with an adventurous eye, and many more who have asked me about a garden themed class, so I’ve stepped up to the challenge and am, as we speak, building a 6 week tutorial.  AND, since we here in the northern hemis are embarking on winter, I thought having a garden to plant & tend thru the winter would be both good comfort and pleasant distraction!

And speaking of distraction… many have asked “but are you crazy enough to do it again?”  (“It” being create a huge embroidery.)  Well, of course!!

So I recently pulled out the trusty chalkboard frame and measured muslin.

measuring muslin

And after some diligent hammering, I am hooped up & ready to go.

stretching muslinJust for perspective, I put the newly framed canvas behind the Roots at Dusk:

with roots

I think the new piece will be vertical, and I’m considering a “reverse embroidery” — that is create the stitching all around the perimeter in layers like this:

bouquet crop

and leave the image in the center unstitched but lightly painted & embellished… like the Mandrake.

Meanwhile, YOU be inspired… & go stitch up the place!

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