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Just a quickie… 6 Jan 2011

Many of you have stayed with me on this wild ride… through hackers, health, and plenty of hell, I thank you all.

For those out of the loop, the short version goes like this:

I’ve battled High high blood pressure for over 3 years. I ended up in the hospital after Thanksgiving and really thought I was dying… but no one could give me answers. Finally, on Dec 23rd, a specialist, Dr Holzbeierlein at KU Med nailed the diagnosis: kidney cancer. Bad. The tumor was 8.7cm — bigger than the kidney it had eaten — and had to come out. Fast.  He gave me Christmas home with my kids and on Dec 27th I went under the knife. I had my right kidney, some tissue and the tumor removed.  I usually stitch up some cool holiday cards between xmas & new years, but this year, I had to ask Dr. Holzbeierlein to stitch for me. I asked him for some snazzy stitches from his steady hands, preferably SMALL ones:

I think his work was brilliant. And for the best “handmade” holiday gift EVER, on December 27th afternoon, I woke up cancer free. Cue orchestra and choir.

So, forgive me if I’ve been away, and for taking a bit of time to get the lipstick and rouge back on this site — hacker be damned, I assure you it’s coming, slow, but sure!! We’ll be rebuilding my “look” soon.  For now, I’m still on bedrest (for about 2 more weeks) and s-l-o-w-l-y regaining strength. I’ve begun editing the Sinister Stitch Chronicles footage and will continue promoting it as soon as I’m a little better.  I can’t imagine a better New Year!  See you soon!! ;0} v.

4 comments to Just a quickie… 6 Jan 2011

  • I have just come across your blog through network blogs, which l have just joined(and followed you). I m so glad to see you are on the mend..god you have been through hell and back haven’t you? I have serious back surgery 8 years ago and l know the pain ect you go through. What a New Year present.x Looking forward to getting to know you and your Art in 2011.x lynda

  • Oh, you have a new website 🙂 and a new body and hopefully you heal very fast and get back to doing your OWN stitchery.
    sending healing and creative vibes your way.
    cheers corrine aka jafabrit

  • Actually, this is just the bones of what’s left after the hacked destroyed my site Dec 1… the content is here… but the “look” will take a little time to restore. Focusing on health now ;o) Thanks so much for hanging with me! *love*

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