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Sshhh – Artist at Work…

Yesterday I took an autumn themed piece into Florilegium & spent a few blissful hours being the store cat ( of course stitching).  It’s always funny to see how surprised passers by are to see someone needleworking in a needlework store (??). Like, they go in to ogle the lush fibers and the . . . → Read More: Sshhh – Artist at Work…

get inspired, get busy…

Living in the woods offers no end to the parade of things to get inspired by. Just this week, I’ve seen these:

Even in spite of the poison ivy, it’s been a lovely summer of gardens & stitch. And I’ve been working on some new projects for the mixed media stitchbooks I’m teaching:

. . . → Read More: get inspired, get busy…

WIST… & where we're going…

5-oh de Mayo…

It’s no surprise to me that the only word I can think of to describe my stitching of late is… schizophrenic!!

I’ve been working something practical and “mend-y” almost every day for 2 weeks.

Seems my son has a real talent for blowing out his knees… and jacket elbows…

and . . . → Read More: WIST… & where we're going…

New Metamorphostitch!

4 march 2010

It seems like it’s taken forEVER, but the Frog Princess Metamorphostitch is finally done:

I was totally thrilled with the under painting… and really dig the face (I think she looks exactly like I’d imagined in the sketches). As I was solving student problems in the 6Stitched She workroom, I . . . → Read More: New Metamorphostitch!

Happy Nat'l Embroidery Month!

1 Feb 2010

And to give this occasion an air of dignity… a Stitch(ed) poem!

Whether weaving web

or thread

or strand,

True stitching manifests


through hand.


Now be inspired and get yourself some stitchy!

and a happy new year!

1January 2010

As the new year creeps in, I find myself knee deep in wee folk and winged things for the Stitcher’s Garden Book class — this Little Elf is an example of what can be done with threads, paints, and an old used tea bag!  Otherwise, it’s been SO cool to write . . . → Read More: and a happy new year!


9 Dec 09

Finishing up for the big sale:

As promised… Fearless Stitcher Wearables goodness: Brooches, Collars, and Cuffs for the Fashionista!!

Featuring dimensional stitch, metallics, and wire work, all on vintage fabrics, this collection ROCKS!  (MANY thanks to my dear Edward who selflessly helped me source awesome tapestries and vintage throws to . . . → Read More:

WIST… & fence stitching!!

24 Nov 09

This “she” is currently under construction for a **NEW** online class to begin in the first weeks of January;0)

I won’t reveal too much, but if you’ve ever wanted to set sail on a SHE-centered adventure… It’s almost time!

Cameos, profiles, fashionistas, ALL things “she”, combined with all things mixed . . . → Read More: WIST… & fence stitching!!

WIST and Hand Embroidery Network classes are ON!

12 Nov 2009

How can it be November? Seems just yesterday I was putting seedling herbs in the herb patch in anticipation of summer salads…

But HA HA– I’ve managed to FOOL mother nature (sort of) and am planting & tending a Stitcher’s Garden in my book class.  For the last week I’ve dreamt . . . → Read More: WIST and Hand Embroidery Network classes are ON!

Online class images… WIST

7 Nov 2009

When I began thinking about an online class, I had no idea what projects to include… but as luck would have it, I’d already amassed quite an array of tutorials and pattern ideas… The Stitcher’s Garden Book Project will include painting, stamping, dyeing, and some dimensional stitch… all good times!  So, . . . → Read More: Online class images… WIST