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Cosmic momentum and the groove of being naked!

When I set out on the course of developing my style of hand embroidery, I did admittedly have a long history of naked-ity (sort of) via my career as a model. I was often booked as a dress maker’s mannequin and thus would spend HOURS standing very still while some designer pinned pattern pieces . . . → Read More: Cosmic momentum and the groove of being naked!

the Witch is Stitched!!

28 Aug 09

ooooh hee hee hee… She turned out even better than I’d imagined! (and yes you eagle-eyed admirer — that web IS stitched with glow in the dark floss!)  I may add a little longer hair (cuz red heads like the looong curly hairs, we do!) but she’s all ready to be . . . → Read More: the Witch is Stitched!!

More Originals… & witchy goodness

26 August, 2009

WIST: what I stitched today – new Fearless Stitcher Originals: Vintage textile collar with embroidered center (still in progress)

I’ll be adding some more elements in floss, beads, and wire to finish it up — but these are a blast to make (& I’ve sourced a TON of vintage fabric . . . → Read More: More Originals… & witchy goodness

WIST: New Fearless Stitcher Originals

24 Aug 09

Maybe it’s the approach of autumn, but I find myself gathering fall-colored fabric and loading up the design board:

Then gathering again, often by the tray full:

and then laying out swatches and pieces which can be joined into bands:

and then all tarted up with bullions, . . . → Read More: WIST: New Fearless Stitcher Originals

WIST, Twilight new work, and the Roots re-viewed…

5 Aug 09

ooooooh – looky: It’s a gift for my lovely favoritest cousine Amy (who is Twilight gaa-gaa) So she gets the custom-mostest-special theme piece:

This was a challenge to create — I wanted to stitch the image on to a text background but couldn’t get the transfer to work (using gel . . . → Read More: WIST, Twilight new work, and the Roots re-viewed…

still stitchin…

1 August 09

Tho I’m still reeling from my doggy’s death, I’ve been stitchin to meet deadlines (I think sometimes that auto-stitching is the best — just zone out and go…) Here’s the latest…

just a tote with a text gel transfer and some brazilian cast on and bullion of the hat (covered . . . → Read More: still stitchin…

WIST… and sad g'bye

29 July 2009

For the last few days, I’ve been sitting quietly in the den on the floor next to my old old doggy.  Bishop has been my constant companion for almost 13 years (he’s about 14 — which is ancient for a Rottweiler) But his legs failed him months ago, then his . . . → Read More: WIST… and sad g'bye

Scans of WIST…

22 July 09

In order to justify that I WASTED the morning on the blogs, I did some scanning for YOU:

This is the leggy brooch center on copper (woven picot leaves, purple bullion center, wine Brazilian cast on petals). I really like how these are turning out…

and this:

is the tote bag . . . → Read More: Scans of WIST…

WIST… wrens… brooches… BUSY!

22 July 09

*WHEW*!!! What a day!  WIST: what I stitched today (yesterday)-

(l to r) det chain stitch, brazilian cast on, french knot Balloons on a denim bag — I have a commission to do 12 of these and knocked out 4 yesterday

I’ll get a good scan when they’re all done– . . . → Read More: WIST… wrens… brooches… BUSY!

WIST & the opening's dish…

19 July 09  WIST: what I stitched today…

fuzzy photo, but it’s a purple bullions center (13 wraps), and wine colored Brazilian cast-ons around it…. on COPPER!!  (I’ll scan it when finished). I intend to make a dozen centers (this is about the size of a quarter) and use them for brooch assemblages. . . . → Read More: WIST & the opening's dish…