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Custom Work Update… & Where’s Victoria appearing…..

As the threads roll, I thought you all might like to see the Mo as he is developing… Our beloved Akita — we still miss him, but this memorial is REALLY starting to shine!!

I began with a photo & used that to create a graphite sketch on cotton:


Next, I . . . → Read More: Custom Work Update… & Where’s Victoria appearing…..

C’mon, your art sucks and you know it…


How many times does the perverse little bugger in your head tell you that? Or do you have some wretched person in your life telling you something like, “well, THAT’S not art”… or “why do you waste your time with that?”.  This post is about THOSE voices in our heads, and our lives, . . . → Read More: C’mon, your art sucks and you know it…

WIST: New Fearless Stitcher Originals

24 Aug 09

Maybe it’s the approach of autumn, but I find myself gathering fall-colored fabric and loading up the design board:

Then gathering again, often by the tray full:

and then laying out swatches and pieces which can be joined into bands:

and then all tarted up with bullions, . . . → Read More: WIST: New Fearless Stitcher Originals

WIST, Twilight new work, and the Roots re-viewed…

5 Aug 09

ooooooh – looky: It’s a gift for my lovely favoritest cousine Amy (who is Twilight gaa-gaa) So she gets the custom-mostest-special theme piece:

This was a challenge to create — I wanted to stitch the image on to a text background but couldn’t get the transfer to work (using gel . . . → Read More: WIST, Twilight new work, and the Roots re-viewed…

Kidstitch project beginnings… & WIST

19 June 2009

As I’ve been working on the samples for the mixmed stitch class in the fall, I gave a short lesson on underpainting to the younger stitchers:

First, they laid out supplies, then designed their image:

and laid down an under-wash:

Next, we’ll stitch up the hair and add . . . → Read More: Kidstitch project beginnings… & WIST

new stitchbook…

1 June 2009 (HOW did it get to be 200NINE and where was I??…)

As if I needed another project, I’ve begun plans for a stitchbook project

exhibit A:

it’s a WONderful thick watercolor book that I got at Hobby Lobby and began stitching in:

and I’ve added some patches of stitching.

. . . → Read More: new stitchbook…

Hey little bullions…whatcha doing?

Realizing it’s been WAY too long since I’ve updated you on the Root, I decided to take a few pictures and show you the progress…  Above is a field of bullions (rust with burgundy pistil stitch tops)that will serve as a bit of forest floor decor along the lower left corner of the piece. . . . → Read More: Hey little bullions…whatcha doing?

stitching the Root

Why, yes, that is a dang lot of stitches! The Root is slowly evolving into a cool beasty.  So far, I’ve put in about a thousand stitches including stem, running, fly, fern, and a ton of couching, but have several thousand more to finish for the Campanella gallery show in July.

Funny, . . . → Read More: stitching the Root

Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery Int'l Guild links Freedom of Stitch!

Woo Hoo and throw the confetti! The lovely administrator of the BDEIG contacted me and shares our belief that it is crucial for our stitching pleasure to perfect the versatile bullion stitch! I’ll be including a Hardest Working Stitch feature on it in an upcoming post, but suffice it to say that the BDEIG . . . → Read More: Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery Int'l Guild links Freedom of Stitch!

Sketch and stitch

After trying both gesso and gel medium as underpainting primers, I can definitely say gel medium makes the best ground layer for sketching and stitching over.  These examples are one layer of matte gel medium brushed on and allowed to dry followed by a sharpie sketch for outlines and watercolor pencil for color . . . → Read More: Sketch and stitch