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Man, that Mandrake is sweet!

Thanks to that sassy stitchin vixen over at Urban Threads, the Mandrake has gotten ALL tarted up and is now TRULY multi-media in hand, machine, and digital line art patterns. In response, the Womandrake is tingly and all a-quiver (and currently getting her rooty body worked on).

In other news, I’ve been writing like . . . → Read More: Man, that Mandrake is sweet!

Great gobs of goobers!

Just a quick warning to my faithful fans and readers… the hacker’s back. I know this is turning into an EFFIN comic book, but bear with me as my security thug is making his rounds. IF, by chance I go down, DON’T SURRENDER! I’ll be right back, promise. Thank you all So much. Knowing . . . → Read More: Great gobs of goobers!

newly restored site style coming soon!

I’m here! And I’ve been feverishly but slowly rebuilding the site’s content, and have an appointment to get the “look” restored in the next week.  I’m thinking of healing my site as well as healing my body ;o}  I know I’ll feel better when things look like me again!  Until then, I’ve edited . . . → Read More: newly restored site style coming soon!

GAWD i feel so NAKED!

without my sites look and theme, it doesn’t FEEL like me yet… DAMN hacker. But s-l-o-w-l-y she returns… and me to the studio:

AS I am able to return to the studio for an hour at a time, I am able to begin sorting the thousand skeins of thread from the awesome DMC . . . → Read More: GAWD i feel so NAKED!

Just a quickie… 6 Jan 2011

Many of you have stayed with me on this wild ride… through hackers, health, and plenty of hell, I thank you all.

For those out of the loop, the short version goes like this:

I’ve battled High high blood pressure for over 3 years. I ended up in the hospital after Thanksgiving and really . . . → Read More: Just a quickie… 6 Jan 2011

sooooo WHAT THE HELL????

Did anyone else know that Gesso could MOLD?????????

I like to think that I’m a pretty tough chick… I’ve fearlessly faced the diarrhea of a 120+ lb Akita just this month and did not gag:

(though I did squeal like a sissy girl when I got it on my hand cleaning up)

I’ve . . . → Read More: sooooo WHAT THE HELL????

…a week of fiber, fun, & frantic work!

Today sees another day ending — and what an amazing Autumn moon!! I find myself giddy at the thought of taking my cold glass of Pinot Grigio outdoors about 9pm and watching the moon sail slow & sure across my bedtime sky…

Of late I find little is as satisfying as watching the moon . . . → Read More: …a week of fiber, fun, & frantic work!

We've set the Pirates loose!!!

That’s right… I DO have me own pirate at home ;0}  Enjoy my fancy camera work in our family movie-making debut!!  YARRR!


Oh yes… freedom of stitch has just tripped to bringing all y’all in to the studio: introducing the Stitch Tweet is about deploying a little stealthy art command to 1. inspire  2. break up the monotony of your day 3. get you introspecting (NOT just about stitching, silly, but about art, life, living, being . . . → Read More: StitchTweet…

Happy Friday 13th!!

I’ll be making a big fat introductory post early next week… but for today, to honor this special day in history (my Mom’s birthday) I’m posting the first photo of my brand new studio mate:

He is SUCH a love (except for eating all the embroidery floss… but we’re working on that!)

He’s . . . → Read More: Happy Friday 13th!!