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While the Midwest gets ready for Autumn…. It’s time to start thinking Gardens!!!

Every journey should begin with a map… The Mixed Media Stitched Journal is YOUR map to beginning your own garden journey. With over 150 pages of prompts, how-to’s, inspiration, and projects, you can set your imagination free using themes such as “Nests & Trees”, “Critters & Crawlies”, “Wee Folk & Winged Things”…. and more.

Back by popular demand: on the FAMM network!!

Workshop is divided into 6 sessions, each delivered on Saturdays Beginning 12 October 2013

(sign up anytime before the end of December)

Join me on a 6 week journey through creating your OWN personal garden book project and we’ll experiment, inspire, and not (necessarily) have to get our hands dirty!!  Visit the Description and Applause and let’s have an ADVENTURE!


(**remember, once you’re a garden book student, you’re FOREVER one & can jump into any in-progress class FREE. If you gardened with me in the past, come ON over to the FAMM & greet the newbies, share your progress, and get newly inspired!!) I’ll see you all in the workroom!!!

Check out the latest… Fearless Studio benefit DUO!

Many thanks to the folks over at 41 Midday show for getting me on to promote the M&S Grill Painting and Jewelry event! I just can’t say enough about how great the KC Community has been in helping me launch and sustain the Fearless Studio workshops. We’re gearing up the the next Cancer Action KC “Coping Creatively” session to be held on April 12 so I’m really excited to offer the general public a chance to join in and contribute to the cause… because… Cancer Sucks!!!

Meanwhile, I’ve been dividing my time between ceo-ing, building the FearlessStudio.com site,  and promoting like crazy, so I’ve had little time to be stitching… But I’m hopeful! I’ve got a project due for my Embroidery group and if I don’t get busy, they might send out the thugs!

As we move into spring, I’m thinking about Sprouts… I like Sprouting in Spring…

You can read all about it over in the Fearless Kitchen I’ll also be on the Fox4 morning show tues, 26Mar, 8am to talk about REcycling celery (!!) and sprouting!

See ya soon!!

Creating Artful Lives and Living in Possibility – Get with it!

Join me and Rebecca Parsons of Artistically Speaking Radio as we talk about the importance of perspective in order to maintain focus and creative habits.  Visit Podcast We also discuss Coping Creatively through art journaling  and other creative outlets. Special guest appearance by Quinn MacDonald!! Are YOU ready for inspiration?

Speaking of Inspiration – I took the Fearless Studio to the EGA for a lost weekend of arty fun —

I was just blown away by the amazing display of skills and fearless exploration by the Embroiderers Guild (Santa Fe) members in our 2 day workshop  — they each brought something fresh to the table as I laid out mixed media techniques for them to try.

We played in paints, inks, pastels, made rubbings, and got crazy with Liquitex gel and texture medium — a GREAT way to spend a weekend!

(Bead gel over a gel medium transfer)


Thread Salad over Liquitex paint and pressed flowers — WOW!









Just WOW! That’s what happens when the Fearless Studio gets COOKING!!

Dont forget — if you’re live and local: M&S Grill is hosting the Friends Flowers and Fighting Cancer benefit for the Fearless Studio on Feb 24 Visit Info  Come join me for a lovely afternoon of relaxing with friends (old AND new) and painting!

Catch the details on WDAF Fox4 morning show this wednesday 13 Feb in the 8am hour when I talk with Lauren Halifax about our shenanigans!  If you haven’t checked it out, see the Fearless Studio blog where I’m getting comfy on the new site and learning to post! (it’s a never ending education, but I’m figuring stuff out!!!)

See you in the studio!!!


Do you Doodle??

I doodle all over everything…  I have learned that I never really SEE an object until I “tell” my hand how to draw it by following its’ lines.

Over in the Fearless Studio, check out the doodles and tigers, get inspired… and then see what YOUR creative eye lands on…

See you in the Studio!

REcycle, REuse… REcard!!

I hung out with the WDAF Fox 4 morning show again Thursday where I showed off how to turn Holiday cards into Valentines! A very cool REcycle and REuse project, perfect for inspiring kids to be creative and look around with their “recycling eyes”.  See you in the studio!

Cereal Boxes never looked so good…

Guess what WE did on WDAF4 morning show?? Well, check out the video & see how YOU can turn trash into treasure with a few simple kitchen & household items! I just LOVE sharing little tricks like this… it’s a great way to make some memories with friends or kids during that s-l-o-w holiday time!

Meanwhile– I’ve SEALED a deal with partner venue Rhythm & Booze to have Arts Sessions EVERY Monday night beginning Dec 10!! If you liked what you saw in the video, we’ll be teaching that technique from 6-9pm Dec 10 so please join us!
Email victoria@FearlessStudio.com for your reservation — Jewelry101: Mixed Media Pendants

We’ll also be Painting on Dec 17 if YOU want to take a shot at the Acrylics Intro:


We’ll be rolling out a BUNCH more sessions in the coming weeks & months so thanks for staying with us!! It’s going to be a great Spring in the Studio!!

Until the slamming new FearlessStudio site is live, Keep Track of us by Visiting us on Facebook where we post all new sessions as they are announced: FearlessStudio and, Please, do like & share!

We’re LIVE across Kansas City — Don’t dally!!

Need a little creativity boost??

  Join the Fearless Studio as we feature TWO special workshops at the 2010 Gallery in the Crossroads

Nov 7, 6-9pm,  Intro to Single Strand necklace — you’ll design and complete your OWN original necklace.  $40 includes all supplies AND complimentary red or white wine (This IS also a BYOB event — so feel free to bring along your favorite beverage!)

email victoria@FearlessStudio.com for reservations


 And, as if THAT WEREN’T ENOUGH at 2010 Gallery: We’ll be launching the close focus acrylic painting experience for all ages and skill levels:

14 Nov, 6-9pm

(**dress for painting!)

Come make some friends, learn the basics of acrylics on canvas and leave with your masterpiece!

email victoria@FearlessStudio.com for reservations


If you’d rather enjoy a workshop in the fun atmosphere of a fully stocked bar with a GREAT kitchen,

Dont miss out on this SPECIAL LAUNCH of the Fearless Studio LIVE Sessions

in the swanky space at Rhythm & Booze!

Come on down & work off that turkey hangover on Monday, Nov 26 from 6 to 9pm where we’ll be creating an original work of art!! Hello Sunflower!

Just $40 gets you all your supplies to complete a finished acrylic painting on canvas —

AND, you can take advantage of the Monday specials like $2.50 wells & domestics alongside AWESOME foodstuff!!   (**dress for painting!) ** MUST BE 21 to attend

email victoria@FearlessStudio.com for reservations


As the Fearless Studio LIVE gathers steam, you will SOON be able to visit www.FearlessStudio.com and check out the upcoming events on our calender, register for workshops, and see when *new* dvds are released!!

In the mean time, catch us on Facebook and  Pinterest  and please SHARE!!!

If you haven’t yet caught the Launch video, give me 3 minutes to bring you up to speed: Head Over & SEE

See you in the Studio!



The Fearless Studio 3-2-1: Launch!


Visit the VIDEO!!!!  it’s been months of filming, and a couple of months in post production, but like an exhausted Mama holding a new wiggly bundle: I’m. So. Proud.  Please ‘like’ and SHARE: THIS BABY IS FOR EVERYONE!!!!

As for Fearless Studio, it’s been almost TWO DECADES in the making

In retrospect, the Journey makes perfect sense…  from developing classes on everything from Nutrition to Resume Writing 1988 to 1993… from the time I first began volunteer teaching in 1993 “Preparing Your Poetry for Public Performance” (& DID readings on trash bins at KC Metro bus stops!)… and then agitating with the KC Free Speech Coalition in 1996 for the first amendment rights of indy publishers so they could create & share their zines freely… and THEN, finally, in 1998,  letting my OWN inner artist out to practice sketching… and drawing…

and gaining, with each success and failure, a more defined VISION of what I wanted to express, and what tools felt right to do so.


I started reading, researching, developing my technical skills… and MOST IMPORTANTLY:

I was LISTENING… to what people wanted to learn… and how they missed being creative…

my own curiosity led me to

watercolor… and embroidery in 2005…


and things REALLY started to make sense:

Not only was I happier with creativity at the center of everything I did…

But others were on the same path!!! Across the country, and the globe, people were crafting and creating their way to living better lives…  DIY was bursting open…

I believe THAT is where the concept behind the Fearless Studio was born…

Of course, for those who know me well, having a battle with cancer certainly snapped things into SHARP focus: having a creative outlet to think about, to meditate on, was literally my lifeline…

It took a WHOLE lot of learning… and even more teaching… and especially listening… but finally all the hard work is about to come to fruition: the Fearless Studio LIVE sessions are breaking open RIGHT NOW in the Greater Kansas City area, and will be going up for dvd or on demand download in the next month.


I can honestly say I am thrilled, and excited, and scared to death… but I wouldn’t trade it. Every single student who says: “Thank You! This is JUST what I needed…”  makes the mind numbing stress worth it!

Like out at Cancer Action KC in my Cancer Can’t Take Memories Journal workshops… where we worked hard on healing……or when, in kids Intro classes,  I turn beginners on to the possibilities of moving paint around on a canvas:  There is just NOTHING that beats the feeling of Inspiring someone and giving them the tools to make their idea a reality.

Now… here we go, the next step on the journey– the COOLEST part is: there’s room for ALL of us this time! By Nov 1, you can visit the *new* home for the Fearless Studio and take a look at the class listings — We’re in wineries, local hang out spots, First Friday galleries– YOU name it, we’ll put a Studio Session in it!!

Now, I’m working on website material & filling up the Calendar!!!

Let’s have some FUN!!!


Encore for CancerActionKC… & the Fearless Studio Sessions are about to BLAST OFF!!














Without a doubt, the Cancer Can’t Take Memories Journal project Launch was a great success!! The participants got right to work altering their journal books, answering prompts & questions to create content, and (MOST importantly) sharing stories, experiences, and resources. It was really cool when we discovered t that we are all Moms, so we had LOTS to share about battling cancer while Momming, and how to be strong while still being honest with your kids about how you’re doing — it was a really special day!

The best part is: it was SUCH a hit, we’re already dreaming up an Encore workshop so the students can “recap & keep building”, and help guide the next wave of attendees… survivors helping survivors. Very. Nice.

Speaking of survivors… that was a topic we talked a lot about: how, while you’re in treatment, you have ALL this support and attention. Then, after recovery, you’re kind of set adrift & left to your own devices to learn how to exist in this “new normal” of Post Cancer living.

The Journal workshop, we agreed, is a GREAT tool for survivorship. All of the emotions and the wild animals that run around in your head at 3am can each be wrestles onto a page and dealt with.  Priceless.

I see a LOT of journaling going on in the future of these brave women — and I am just proud to be a part of it!


Next bit of news is that the Fearless Studio Sessions are on the brink of launching!  It’s been a LONG process of filming, editing, fretting, re-editing, stressing….  But with a little luck, the first dvd will be available in October (that’ll be almost TWELVE HOURS of creativity & inspiration to get your artful life on track!

While the final post-production is taking place, I’ve been working like CRAZY to launch local Fearless Studio LIVE sessions in cool venues around town — but more on that later (sshhh…). Suffice it to say: things are about to get VERY fun!!  And… HOW COOL is this logo??!!!  I just LOVE the way she/I turned out. I did a line drawing with a calligraphy pen based on a photo of me from the Studio Sessions credits and I couldn’t be more pleased — it’s the Fearless Stitcher!!!

So, now I’m writing the Projects and workbooks that will supplement the Season 1 dvd/digital on demand sessions.  It’s certainly a wild ride, but I am having a BLAST!!!!

In the mean time, visit the Schoolhouse to see what’s coming up & where to find me, & as soon as www.FearlessStudio .com launches, I’ll put the word out!!

Have a gorgeous 1st day of Autumn!!


Its time to Register and Join ME for Journaling, & a trip to the past!!!

Announcing: the Official Launch of the Cancer Can’t Take Memories Journal™ Project Workshop — a Healing Partnership with

Join me at the Overland Park location, 10520 Barkley, Ste 100 on Wednesday, 19 September at 930am…..

All those stories you wish someone would’ve written down…

All those questions you wish you’d asked…  NOW is the time!   In the Cancer Cant Take Memories Journal™ workshop, we’ll capture YOUR memories… Once and for all!

Light refreshments and all supplies provided — feel free to bring photos, scrapbooking supplies, or memorabilia to include. NO “artistic” experience necessary! Questions email me victoria@freedomofstitch.com

Contact to Register: 913-642-8885

To get the FULL story — Get inspired —  Go to My Story…

In other news….

It was a GREAT birthday weekend as I kicked off First Friday in my window at Parisole Arts Foundation in the crossroads. It was a first for me as we presented Embroidery as Flame Art!!! (the Fire Performers Adam & Rae did an AMAZING job of highLIGHTing the night around me!


Then… we headed Saturday morn over to Crown Center where we provided arts & education at the Chalk Walk:


Certainly, It was a really great day (after the CRAZY wind died down a bit!).

Coming up: Don’t miss visiting us at the Renaissance Festival in Bonner Springs KS, every weekend through Oct 14. Ra Element has a lovely booth in the Trade Winds area behind the Joust full of enchanting wares and the finest in handmade soaps & trinkets, and, where I’ll be embroidering and greeting guests, so come on out and Eat, Drink, and SEE FAIRIES!!!

See you soon!!